Ten Things to Always Keep in Your Office Desk

This post is part of a sponsored post for Socialstars and o.b. Pro Comfort, but all opinions are my own. #OBelievers
Call me an over planner, but I like to be prepared.  If I could take my whole house with me every time I left, I would, although those that have seen me pack for a vacation may actually think that's the case, but that's beside the point!  Since a lot of us spend more time at the office than at home, it's important to keep some essentials in our desks to make the day go by more smoothly.  Here are my top ten:

Snacks - It's impossible to be productive when you're tired or hungry.  Thankfully a light snack can resolve both.  The healthier and more protein packed, the better.

Eating Utensils - If you usually bring your lunch and your office doesn't already supply these, it may be a good idea to just keep a set of throw away plates and utensils in your desk instead of packing them in your lunch each day.  It will save you time in the morning while prepping your lunch and will also save space in your lunch bag for other things.
Pens - Let's be honest.  Who can keep track of their pen for more than a week?  I swear they grow legs and walk out.

Notepad - These grow legs and walk out too.  Besides, you don't want to be on an important phone call and not have a notepad on hand.  Always have an extra stash hidden in your desk!

Fan - For those days when it's 70 degrees out but the office heater is still on!  There's nothing worse than being in an uncomfortable environment with many more hours to go.
Socks - For the days when it's 50 degrees out and the a.c. is still on!  Hey, it happens, so it's better to be prepared than freezing!

Contact Solution - If you wear contacts, keeping a bottle of contact solution on hand will be a life saver on those days when your eyes feel extra dry or blurry.  You'll be glad you have it because it's not exactly as easy to come by as an extra pen or paper.

Cardigan - This will come in handy on a chilly day or when you've accidentally spilled your coffee or lunch on your light colored shirt.  To make it even worse, imagine if you had a meeting right after. You'll want to cover that up!

Hand Sanitizer - There's always going to be that one person that shows up despite how sick they are, so it's better to be prepared!  Plus shared supplies like printers and copy machines can be full of germs.
Tampons - It would be embarrassing to have an unexpected visitor and nothing to welcome it with, if you know what I mean.  I once as in that situation and swore I would never let it happen again. Thankfully I had a coworker that could help me out (an introduce me to my new favorite tampon), but that may not always be the case.    Consider packing O.b. Pro Comfort tampons since they are the most compact I've seen and can easily fit inside the smallest of desks.  Despite their tiny size, they give all around protection that fit each unique shape since every woman's body is different.  There may not be any "right" body shape, but these tampons sure make the perfect fit.

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