An Easy Way to Track Water Intake with Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid

One of the hardest things for me to do is hit my hydration goals each day.  I like to think I drink a lot of water, but when I measure out how much I should actually be drinking, a lot of times I'm still not where I should be.  It's also hard for me to keep track of just how much I've drank throughout the day, especially if I'm in the gym and drinking more rapidly than if I were at home.  It's easy to lose track.  A few weeks ago I jokingly mentioned to Chris how cool it would be if there was a way to automatically track how much I've eaten or drank each day and now one of the those wishes has been granted. The ThermosĀ® Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid actually keeps track of your drink intake and records it all on your smart phone and FitBit.  Mind. Blown.
Use the ThermosĀ® Connected Hydration Bottle to help you stay hydrated.  It identifies hydration goals, tracks water intake, and sends reminders to make sure you stay on track to meet those goals. When connected to a compatible Apple device and using the app, the connected hydration bottle allows you to create your own hydration goal or follow a suggested hydration goal it calculates based on your age, gender, height, weight and activity level.

The BPA-free 24oz. Genuine ThermosĀ® Brand bottle works by the use of a sensor tube that tracks the size of each sip, as well as your daily, weekly and monthly hydration progress, which is automatically updated and can be viewed in the app on your smartphone.  It holds a charge for up to 12 days and can also syncs with your FitBit, allowing you to track a variety of your fitness goals all in one place.  It is available for purchase on Amazon and at select retailers.

I like to think of this bottle as my little hero.  It's made hitting my fitness goals much easier!

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