Post Workout Must Haves

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With my wedding being exactly 361 days away, it's time for me to get into my best shape possible.  As I mentioned in my wedding to do list post, I still need a dress.  I haven't tried any dresses on yet, and if I could, I'd put it off much longer.  While I know there's no "right" body shape, as we're all unique, I really just want to feel my best.  It's really a cool thing when you think about it- no two women are the same.  We all come in unique shapes and sizes.  I'm not sure what I want my ideal body to be, because at this point, I really just want a more confident me, but you better believe I'm going to work my butt off in the gym to try to get there and find a happy balance while embracing my body.

With that being said, I figured to help with motivation, I'd share some of my post workout must haves with y'all in hopes of gathering some new ideas from you as well to keep the motivation going.  
Hair Brush + Dry Shampoo -  If you squeeze in your workout midday, dry shampoo will be a lifesaver for those who don't have time to shower before returning to work, running errands, etc.  This will help your hair look less greasy if you've been sweating (for that wedding, ha).

Micellar Cleansing Water - This is another great option if you don't have time to shower immediately after.  I like to wash my face in cold water to cool myself down, reduce any redness from being overheated, and then wipe my face with micellar water for a gentle cleanse.

Tom's Deodorant - If you've ever forgotten to pack deodorant and couldn't go home immediately after the gym, chances are you'll probably never forget it again for obvious reasons.  Tom's is a great alternative to a more natural approach.

Essential Oils - These are post workout game changers!  First of all, if you're new to essential oils, you may want to start here.  There are plenty of essential oils you can apply topically post workout to relieve sore muscles.  A few of my favorites are Deep Relief, Valor, and Aroma Siez and can be purchased through Young Living.  Also, a great pre workout option is peppermint oil.  It will give you the energy boost you need to get through the gym.

Glass Water Bottle - You'll always want to have a water bottle on hand to keep you hydrated during and post workout.  If you're wanting to use essential oils for an energy boost, be sure to use a glass bottle instead of plastic.  A drop of peppermint, or any citrus flavored essential oil, like orange, is a great booster!

Quest Bar - These are great for fighting the hunger urge after an intense workout, when all you want to do is devour a greasy cheeseburger or an entire pizza.  

O.b.® PRO COMFORT®- Since every woman's body is different, these tampons are great for giving an all around fit with locked in protection.  I love these for their comfort and compact size.  They're small enough to leave in your bag to have on hand for those just in case moments, since the last thing we want is an accident during all the movement of working out.
Are you on a journey for a better you?  What are some of your workout must haves and motivation tips?

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