November Wedding To Do List: The One Year Mark

wedding to do list
November is somehow already here and that officially kicks off the one year mark for my wedding!! We're a year out (plus a few days) and I'm happy to report that two of the most important pieces have already been locked in: the ceremony location and the reception venue!  November is a very popular month for weddings in New Orleans (it's one of the only comfortable months out of the year, weather wise) so planning early is a must.  Now that I've gotten two of the bigger pieces of the puzzle squared away, here's what's left on my to-do list for November that also needs to get finalized within the next few weeks.

Book a Photographer
I've been browsing portfolios for over a month now, but now it's time to really sit down and narrow down the choices.  Y'all, this is hard!  To me, the photographer is one of the most important parts, because once everything's said and done, all you'll have are the pictures to show for it.  I know the style of photography and the aesthetic I want, so now it's just a matter of figuring out who offers what in their packages. 

Book the Second Line Brass Band
In true New Orleans fashion, we're having a second line! For those not familiar with traditional NOLA weddings, a second line is basically a parade through the streets with all the wedding guests, lead by the bride and groom and a brass band.  Following the ceremony, we'll be parading through the streets of the Quarter until we make our way into the reception! This is hands down the part I am most excited about!

Try on Dresses
I'm actually dreading this part to be honest.  I have an idea of the style dress I want, but I'm afraid that may all change once I try on dresses.  I'm also not at my goal weight I hope to be come time for the wedding, so I'm worried that I'll be buying a dress for my current body rather than hopefully slimmer body a year from now.  I guess I shouldn't stress too much about this.  I'd just hate to eliminate dresses I don't feel comfortable in now, but may be able to pull of later if you know what I mean!

Ask My Bridesmaids 
Considering we all live in different states, I'm hoping to take advantage of the upcoming holidays to catch them while we're all home.  Thankfully I've already had the chance to ask my bestie (now Maid of Honor!!)  who also lives in another state.

Book our Hotel Rooms
Our wedding will be taking place in the French Quarter of New Orleans, meaning it is tourist central. Rooms book up fast since Fall in New Orleans is a great time to visit.  Many of the hotels only let you book one year in advance, and currently we're a few days short of the exact one year mark, so right now it's just a waiting game for the hotels to release the rooms.

I'm sure there are plenty other details I should lock in this month too, but if I get all the above done by the end of November, I'll be one happy and less stressed bride to be.

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