How to Watch TV without a TV or Cable

How to Watch TV without a TV
How to watch TV without the TV?  That's the question I wanted answered when Chris and I moved a few years ago to New England and arrived to an empty apartment.  No bed?  No problem, an air mattress will do.  No food?  That's what takeout is for.  But.. but no TV?  What in the heck is are you supposed to do!?

Somehow Chris and I didn't think that one completely through when our lives were packed away in a moving truck and it was just us, our suitcases, the dogs, and an empty apartment for the next 5 days until our stuff arrived.  See, I'm the kind of person that likes the noise in the background, even if I'm not watching. 

Luckily, we did have the next best thing, internet, but when you're used to watching TV and then all of a sudden don't have a TV, you realize just how much you miss it.  If only we had then what we have now:  NBC TVEverywhere.  It basically redefines how you watch TV.  NBC TVE allows you to watch the latest of all your favorite NBC shows the day after they air, plus watch your local NBC live all by way of your computer.  No login?  No problem!  A lot of the shows are unlocked so you can enjoy full seasons.  

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is watching The Voice.  I secretly wish I could be on stage doing what those talented people do, but even my best shower singing voice proves it will never be possible.  A girl can dream though.  So instead, I'll just be over here binge watching and appreciating the fact that I don't actually need a TV to do so.  I have a bunch of new jewelry designs waiting to launch, so maybe if I just stream on my laptop in the office, it will look like I'm being somewhat productive!
Want to do the same?  Go here to watch now.  It's never been easier!

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