Five Ways to Thank a Veteran

Ways to Thank a Veteran
Veterans Day is quickly approaching (November 11 to be exact) and it's time we start thinking of how to thank a Veteran.  Both my grandfather and stepfather are Veterans, so I have a special place in my heart for those who have served.  They've done so much for us and we may never feel we can truly repay them for their service, but no act of gratitude will go unnoticed.  There are many ways to say thanks this Veterans Day, from Veterans Day offers (like free haircuts) to hand written letters.  Those who have served or are currently serving our country deserve to feel extra special, and these few ways to thank a Veteran will help you show your appreciation this year.

Visit a Veteran
If you have a Veteran relative, I'm sure they would love an extra visit from you!  If you don't have any Veterans close to you, you can always visit the VA Hospital.  This is a great opportunity to make a connection with a Veteran, whether it be by listening to their stories or even sharing a story of your own.

Send a Care Package
There are so many things you can include in a care package, such as a free card!  There are also organizations out there that will help you connect with a Veteran if you're not sure how.  Operation Gratitude is a great resource that will help you send a package! 

Write a Letter
A handwritten letter or thank you card is a great way to say thanks with a personal touch.  

Volunteer Your Time
They've done so much for us, and this is a great way to repay them.  Volunteering your time to do service for a Veteran is a great way to show your appreciation for all they've done.  This site has a list of great resources for volunteering for Veterans.

Give Back
You can even give back to a Veteran through your everyday routines.  Are you in need of a haircut soon?  Plan to get a Great Clips haircut on November 11th and you'll get a free haircut card to give to an active or retired military member.
Great Clips Veterans Day Free Haircut
If you're an active or retired military member yourself, you can get a free Veterans Day haircut on November 11th at any U.S Great Clips salon too!  In addition to your free haircut, you'll also get a free haircut card to be used anytime before the end of the year.  Click here to find a Great Clips salon near you!  

Do you have any Veterans in your life?  How will you be saying thanks this year?

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