When Old Dreams of Technology Become Reality

Back in the day, millennial kids of the 90s could only dream of a handheld device that could do just about anything.  Now that so called device exists as what we know as a smartphone, something most of us can hardly function without.  It's weird to think about because I remember watching the Disney channel's Zenon movie and being at awe with the fact that Zenon was video calling and it was something we could only dream of having and doing so casually.  It felt so futuristic and out of reach, and now it's as easily accessible as touching our phone screens.  Now I can't help but think of what else will one day be an everyday norm.  We've come along way, fellow millennials, and it's kind of creepy, but in a good way!

Another Disney movie that always had me hoping and dreaming was Smart House.  Do y'all remember that one!?  A movie with something we all dreamed of, which is now a reality.  That movie had me wishing there was a way to magically clean my room, turn the light off if I forgot, and turn the a.c. down prior to my arrival so the perfect temperature could await.
Lennox iComfort® S30While we still might be missing that magic clean the room and entire house button, we have come far enough to control the a.c. from our phones while we're miles away thanks to smart thermostats like the  iComfort® S30.  It's a wireless enabled touchscreen thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of your home from the wall like a standard thermostat and also or while you're anywhere around the world by using your smartphone, computer, or tablet.  It also gives live weather forecasts and automatic updates.  If there happens to be a problem with the system, you'll even get alerts to let you know.  Features like  Smart Away™ mode uses your mobile phone's GPS to sense when you come and go to adjust temperatures according to save energy.  The Feels Like™ temperature takes into account temperature and humidity so your home can feel exactly how you want it to while also monitoring the air quality.  It's like having your very own smart home living in your smart phone.  Again, kind of creepy, but really cool!

Future, meet iComfort® S30, today's version of Smart House.

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This is a sponsored post by Lennox, but all opinions are my own!

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