The Ultimate Dream Team: Icons and Their Pets

Pets are the best friends you will ever need. As long as you feed them, wash them and give them plenty of cuddles, they will love you unconditionally. No matter what happens in your life, you can always rely on your pet to give unlimited love and attention. Many of our favourite celebrities (and even fictional characters!) have beautiful relationships with their pets. With all the pressure that must come with living constantly in the public eye, it’s little wonder that many of them turn to an animal for comfort and support. Here are some of our favourite people and pet dream teams in popular culture. Who needs accessories when you have a gorgeous furry friend on your arm/on a leash?

Elle and Bruiser Woods
Back when carrying a Chihuahua in your bag was all the rage, with Paris Hilton fronting the trend with her dog Tinkerbell, one fictional character carried it off like no other: Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, in the hit film Legally Blonde. The would-be lawyer attending graduate school at Harvard doesn’t go anywhere without her beloved and hilariously named pooch Bruiser. As she hilariously reveals to her peers, they are both Gemini vegetarians and are often seen wearing matching outfits (even for the first day of school). When she is ostracised by her classmates, Bruiser is her main source of love and support, and even becomes the inspiration for the bill she tries to pass against animal testing in Legally Blonde 2.

Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette
Perhaps the most pampered cat in the world is Choupette, the pride and joy of Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, Fendi and his own eponymous line. Choupette was one of the first pets to have her very own Twitter and Instagram account, which is regularly updated with her using an iPad or reclining with Lagerfeld’s books. Her profile has sky rocketed and she has been featured in shoots for W, Vogue Brazil and Lucky magazine while jetting around the world with her famous owner. With a white coat and bright blue eyes, you can see why Lagerfeld absolutely adores her, becoming not only a steadfast companion, but a source for inspiration in his collections (Lagerfeld was said to have used cornflower blue in his 2012 couture collection to replicate her eye color).

Cara Delevigne and Cecil
There is perhaps nothing cuter than a tiny bunny rabbit. Accompanying her on photoshoots for brands like Topshop and Mulberry (shop similar styles at Mary Jane Fashion) is Cecil, the adorable rabbit who calls Cara Delevigne momma. Cecil has been snapped everywhere from inside luxury bags, meeting celebrity friends like Rita Ora, tapping on a Mac computer to hopping around on a bed while Cara reclines and pets him. Famous for her active Instagram, Cara’s Instagram is frequently filled up with snaps of her adventures and trips abroad.  Cecil features predominantly too and even has his own Instagram account so Cara can keep all of her fans up-to-date with his life. He has grown substantially from when he was a baby, but according to Cara’s photographs, is still the cuddly bunny she introduced us to in 2014.

Tom Hardy and Woody
Tom Hardy is known for his butch and critically acclaimed action roles that have included projects like Mad Max: Fury Road, Bronson and Legend. What is little known, however, is that he is a big dog-lover and has taken in two rescue dogs with his wife Charlotte Riley. At the world premiere for his film Legend, he famously brought his dog Woody along too, who promptly stole the show. Posing for photos with the film’s stars, chasing after pigeons and jumping up to hug his dad, everyone fell in love with Woody straight away. It’s lovely to see someone who has played such macho roles show his soft and endearing side with his pet.

Lady Gaga and Asia
Miss Asia Kinney is a black French bulldog and it’s easy to see why Gaga fell in love with her: with big eyes, big ears and a slightly grumpy expression, she is the epitome of cute. Given the alternative nickname Batpig, we are kept up to date with all of her goings-on, including her dates with celebrity friends like Alexander Wang and Lisa Van der Pump, on her very own Instagram account. Since her wild and avant-garde days, Gaga is definitely more stable and grounded and her relationship with her dog shows this.

This is a guest post not written by The Southern Thing.

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