Six Different Ways to Boost Self Confidence

Thanks to LISTERINE® I’m practicing good oral care as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #Listerine
Confidence is important, not only for how we feel about ourselves, but also for our motivation with daily life.  It's safe to say we could all use a little confidence boost from time to time, even when we may not realize it's necessary.

Regardless if you're already struggling with self confidence or just need a pick me up, these different ways to boost self confidence can help:

Reflect on What You’ve Already Accomplished
In a competitive world, it's easy to feel like everyone else has it all but you.  We compare ourselves to others, especially on social media these days, and often feel down while doing so.  What we sometimes fail to remember is we have all accomplished something to be proud of.  Focus on what you’ve already done and where you are currently.  The only thing stopping you is your own doubt.

Be Yourself
Don’t ever be afraid to express yourself, wether it be through your actions or something like your outfits.  When we feel most true to ourselves is when we’re confident.  Maybe it takes putting on a brand new pair of shoes, or maybe it's something as simple as showing the world the real you.  Whatever it is, treat yourself to it and enjoy the new confident you.
Try Something New
Doing something out of your comfort zone will give you the boost of confidence you never thought you had.  A great way to jumpstart this is to face your fears.  You'll feel a boost of confidence you never thought you had once you achieve something you never thought you would or could.

Think Positive Thoughts
Thinking of the worst will only bring unnecessary doubt and anxiety.  Changing your mind can change your life and give you a new and refreshing perspective.
Go to gym
When the majority of us are pretty harsh on ourselves and our body image, going to the gym will help us feel a little less guilty about whatever our situation may be (and maybe our decision to have a donut for breakfast).  Wether you're fit or nor, there's never a workout you'll regret doing, and the emotional benefits of the workout are a confidence boost of their own.

Focus on Hygiene
When you start doubting your hygiene, you start doubting yourself.  Your mouth says a lot about you and is one of the main things that shouldn't be overlooked. In fact, it has a significant impact on how other people perceive you, and can represent your overall health, social life, and even your career. It has been proven that more than 8 in 10 Americans feel oral health issues are embarrassing, and more than 9 in 10 say that they feel better overall when their mouth feels clean.* From cavities to bad breath, your confidence can be affected by oral health. Focusing on your oral care can eliminate any embarrassing and misrepresentations of yourself.
An easy way to avoid embarrassment and misrepresentation is to rinse with a therapeutic mouthwash, such as LISTERINE® Antiseptic. LISTERINE® helps achieve up to five times healthier gums in two weeks, making it a great option to add into your oral care routine. Many of the oral care issues that Americans experience can be prevented, and adding LISTERINE® as part of a twice-daily oral care routine can help ensure your mouth is always on your side.  LISTERINE is committed to promoting healthy oral care habits, that’s why they’re partnering with Oral Health America, who’s FALL FOR SMILES campaign is committed to educating the public about the positive impact good oral health can have on one’s overall health and well-being. OHA’s mission is so important to LISTERINE they are jump starting the giving with a $20K donation, with the hopes of reaching $40K through consumer engagement.  For more information, be sure to follow on Facebook and Twitter for oral care updates!

*All data referenced in this post was provided by the LISTERINE® Brand Survey.  Go here to learn more.

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