Rain Boots Under $100

Rain Boots Under $100
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When I lived in New England, I basically only wore rain boots all winter long.  I learned the hard way not to wear my designer leather boots out in the weather because three things were always bound to happen:  I'd either destroy them with salt stains, end up with wet feet, or slide and fall on a piece of frozen concrete.  Usually it was all of the above.  Oh the joys of a southern newbie living in New England.  Luckily I found several styles of rain boots under $100 that didn't break the bank, allowed me to keep my outfits fun, and were great options for a winter weather boot.

If it wasn't snowing, there was at least a foot of snow frozen and packed onto the ground.  There were also tall snow banks filled with black dirty mush that lined the sides of every street.  Considering these conditions can last six months out of the year out there, I had to invest in a variety of boots, so rain boots to the rescue it was!

I know you're probably thinking how can a rubber boot keep your feet warm?  Well the thing is they don't, but there are ways around it that do.  Boot liners are a must when treading through the snow in rubber boots unless you want frozen feet.  Keep that in mind if you're shopping for a winter rain boot. You'll want to size up to give yourself room for a thick liner. Other than that, rain boots work great as a winter boot.  You can easily wash off the salt and dirt and you'll never have to worry about destroying another pair of shoes or getting wet feet!

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