Five Tips to Kickstart Decluttering Your Home

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Is it just me or do homes find a way to magically get cluttered less than a week after cleaning?  It's like those two hours spent on Sunday decluttering never happened.  Every time I clean, I say it's going to stay that way, but somehow it never does, although decluttering does help keep things in check.  It's much easier to clean and make space for the stuff you actually use when you have less clutter taking up unnecessary space.  Each room is prone to some type of clutter, so let's go over what's most likely being hoarded and cluttered in each room.  Focusing on a little in each room at a time has helped me stay on top of things, so hopefully these tips can help you kickstart decluttering your home too.

Let's start here.  This should be the easiest to keep clean, but somehow clutter finds its way here too. You've cleaned out the fridge and pantry and thrown out all old food, but don't forget those cabinets. I'd bet mismatched Tupperware takes up just as much space as the plates and bowls we use.  Taking the time to pair it all together and make sure each piece has a bowl and lid will help determine missing pieces that need to be thrown out.
Living Room
Onto the living room.  Look around and find something you see plenty of in this room.  For me, it's magazines.  There always seems to be a pile accumulating on the coffee table in my imaginary "to read" space, but the truth is, they almost never get read.  If you haven't touched it within the past few weeks, you probably don't need it.  Keep that in mind and start from there when you declutter.  It also helps to have a few boxes aside, one for keepers, one for trash, and one for donations.  This will help you organize what you want and don't want.
All closets are used as storage for junk to some extent, but the most clutter is often found in your bedroom closet you use everyday.  I'm sure most of us can admit that we have more clothes in our closet we don't wear than we actually do wear.  Maybe you're holding onto something for when it comes back in style or maybe your favorite pair of jeans are tucked away for when you can fit into them again.  Regardless, it's taking up unnecessary space because in reality, you'll probably never touch those clothes again, you just don't want to let them go.  Having a hard time deciding what to throw out?  Do the hanger trick.  After each item you wear, turn the hanger around when you place that item back into the closet.  This will show you which items have been worn and which items haven't.  
Although there are many places that collect clutter in a room full of furniture, dressers and nightstands take the cake.  Raise your hand if your nightstand is full of random junk.  My hand's been raised for about ten years now.  Like with the living room, if you haven't touched it in a few weeks, ditch it.  Sentimental items you don't want to trash can go in a special box and stored away, but maybe limit it to one so you don't start hoarding.
You know that box of old makeup, hair products, and nail polish you forgot you had under the sink? Ask yourself when's the last time you've used it.  Most products have a shelf life anyway.  To be safe, if you haven't used it in six months, you don't need it and it's probably expired.  Decluttering the bathroom cabinets, which are usually very limited in space, will give you room for things you actually use and need, like new hair products, hair tools, makeup, and tampons.  I learned this the hard way when I realized everything I was hoarding in the bathroom was old and useless.  It's not easy when you have a bag full of new shampoo and tampons and nowhere to put it.  I thought I had outgrown my bathroom and wasn't sure how I'd make it work to accommodate my stuff, but it turns out all I needed to do was ditch a few old things for my new stuff.  Speaking of ditching, while we're on the subject, did you know o.b.® PRO COMFORT® Regular tampons has ditched the applicator, yet still provides comfort and protection? I personally love them for how compact they are, making them the ideal fit in my bathroom with my other must have products. That just goes to show you can still have it all even when you ditch a thing or two!

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