DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Tutorial
Everyday I would see several birds land on my fence and I always felt bad for the little guys because I never had a bird feeder for them.  I'm not at crazy Home Alone bird lady status yet, but we're getting there.  It all started when I decided I should feed them.  Since I didn't have an actual bird feeder, I repurposed what I had around the house and put something together.  I figured I'd share this DIY bird feeder tutorial since it's relatively simple and you most likely have this around your house already too.
how to make a bird feeder
Scott Tissue
Peanut Butter
Bird Feed (mixed seed assortment)
Wax Paper
DIY Bird Feeder
Spread peanut butter evenly onto empty toilet paper roll.  Pour 1 cup of bird feed onto wax paper, then roll the peanut butter coated toilet paper roll over seeds, coating the roll.  Place onto a tree branch as feed for the birds.
DIY Bird Feeder
In our house, we never want to run out of toilet paper, so I always make sure we're stocked up on extra.  Scott is one thing always on my Sam's Club® shopping list.  The good thing is now the rolls last even longer with an additional 100 sheets!  That's right, Scott 1000 is now Scott 1100!

I couldn't pass up the great deal at Sam's using the Ibotta app on their already reduced Scott value pack (click here for extra $5 off)!  Now I'll have plenty of empty rolls to repurpose in the future.  Just call me crazy bird feeding lady!

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