5 Ways to Create a Smart Home

Last night, in honor of it being October 21, 2015, I watched Back to the Future.  I was a little disappointed by the fact that we're not there yet with flying cars being a thing, but then again we're probably better off this way.  While some of their predictions for the future haven't quite happened yet, it's safe to say we've come a long way from what we dreamed of having while growing up.  We may not have those flying cars and hover boards, but there are ways to create a smart home through smart TVs, smart lights, and smart appliances.  Some are more common than others, so I figured I throw some ideas out there that can help you create a smart home.
Smart Kitchen Appliances
One of my personal favorites is the smart Crock Pot.  Before you used to have to plan the start time of your meal to get it just right, but now you can control it away from your home with your phone.

Smart Lights
Your lazy dreams have come true! Even light bulbs are getting smart these days.  Gone are the times of leaving lights on in empty rooms because you're too lazy to get off the couch to turn it off. 

Smart TVs
Lost the remote again?  No worries.  Just get a voice activated smart tv to change the channel for you. It's like a personal robot assistant living in your screen just waiting for a command.

Smart Thermostat
Now when you're away for summer vacation and turn the a.c. up to save energy, you no longer have to sweat upon your return.  The iComfort┬« S30 will let you control your home temperature so it will be just right before you arrive.  

Smart Locks
You won't ever have to worry about losing your keys again, just don't lose your phone!  This smart lock will lock your home wirelessly using your phone.  Have a guest arriving before you get home?  You can give them access without a key too, just use your phone! 

Are you in the process of making your house a smart home?  Find out other ways you can make it smart here!

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