Nestlé Crunch Cookies + Giveaway

Nestle Crunch Cookies Recipe
If for some evil reason I had to give up all desserts but one, I'd choose to keep cookies (but pray that never happens).  They're my guilty pleasure and often the highlight of my evening.  Chocolate chip is one of my go to cookies of choice, but sometimes I like to change things up and make them a little more fun.  This Nestlé® Crunch® cookie recipe made with Nestlé® Buncha Crunch® is my favorite way to put a fun spin on a traditional recipe for a little added crunch!  The Buncha Crunch are bite sized bunches of crispy chocolate, perfect for mix ins.
Nestle Buncha Crunch
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Nestlé® Buncha Crunch®

You can choose to make your own cookie dough from scratch, or you can use a pre-made kind.  I chose the latter and opted for a non refrigerated mix that just requires added butter and water.  I'd recommend going with some sort of mix as opposed to the refrigerated premixed dough since you will be adding in the best chocolate bars (in crunch form) ever and it may be a bit difficult to do so with a ready to bake dough.
Nestle Buncha Crunch Cookies
In a mixing bowl, pour in your dry chocolate chip cookie dough mixture.  Add 1 cup of Nestlé® Buncha Crunch® to the mix, then add additional ingredients (butter, water, etc.) per instructions if using pre-made or by scratch.  A small amount of additional butter and water will help the dough stick together.  Whisk together the cookie dough until the Nestlé® Crunch® is mixed into the dough.  Place cookies on a baking sheet and bake in over per instructions, for 8-10 minutes on 375 degrees.  Once cookies are slightly browned on the edges, remove from oven and let cool for 1 minute.  Place additional Buncha Crunch® on top of cookies if more crunch and chocolate is desired, then let cool for an additional 2 minutes before serving.

I made these last night and it was the perfect way to enjoy some Monday night football after a long day!

I'm also giving away $20 cash to one lucky winner!  This will be a great way pick up what you need to try these cookies (highly recommend!) and maybe even a bottle of wine or two on me!

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