Labor Day Weekend

It's clearly obvious a four day weekend just ended by the evidence of my suitcase still sitting on the bedroom floor waiting to be unpacked.  It happens every time!  Labor Day weekend was a much needed 4 day break to say the least.  Chris and I left Dallas early Saturday morning around 4:30 a.m. to drive into Louisiana.  Since we're in the process of wedding planning, we had to take full advantage of a Saturday in New Orleans for meetings, venue tours, and to make wedding progress.  I'm happy to report we're one step closer to finalizing our venue choice for a French Quarter wedding!
After our wedding planning trip in the quarter, we headed back home to catch the first LSU game of the season.  The game was in a weather delay, which was good news meaning we wouldn't miss as much of the game as we thought we would.  As we were heading home to my Mom's house, the new house she and my step dad just closed on, the weather started to get really bad.  If you follow me on Snapchat (@thesouthrnthing), you probably saw the crazy lightning storm I was videoing during our drive home.  Unfortunately that lightning storm decided to be a crazy one and a lightning bolt actually struct the house and nearly fried everything.  As soon as it hit the house, all power was lost.  Hours passed and the LSU game was still in a delay, and then eventually cancelled.  The power finally came back on, but sadly the TVs, AC, internet, and a few other appliances did not.  The lightning claimed those, which lead to a hot weekend without AC in the Louisiana heat.  On the bright side, the house didn't catch on fire, so it could've been worse!
Sunday we decided to put all the bad luck from the night before aside and make the weekend fun again.  We spent most of day on the boat cruising up and down the river.  I love going home for this reason.  Our hometown is a small waterfront town with a huge boating scene, which you don't get much of in landlocked Dallas.  We took full advantage of boating and beering until a pop up thunderstorm made us change the rest of our evening plans.  After the boat, we indulged in some of our favorite Louisiana seafood (not pictured because it's just a tease to me right about now) and enjoyed the patio and huge yard at the new house.  

It was a much needed trip home!  Now the countdown is on until the next holiday.  I hope y'all had a nice 4 day weekend too!

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