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Well helloooo there, Hailey here!  Mom never wants to share the blog duties, but she promised she'd let me take over at least once, so here I am!  I somehow managed to fit this post into my busy poodle scheduled, but don't let it fool ya, it barely happened!
I mean, I just have so much to do these days... like get woken up at 7 a.m. (*sideye*).
When I'm finally up, it's always a good day though!  I usually get the house all to myself and get to do all the things without mom fussing.  Sometimes I like to leave a mess though.  Mom's not always too happy about that, but I make up for it with this innocent face I've mastered.  She begs for me not to leave my toys everywhere, but the more the merrier I think!
By the way, I figured out how to score extra treats by doing a cute little dance.  It wins that treat giving hand over every time.  Check out these moves!
Mom's been taking me to the dog park more lately since it's not as hot out.  Those trips are fun, and I really like the ones where she takes me to PetSmart to pick out new food on the way.  On our last adventure we decided to make the switch to Purina ProPlan Bright Mind dog food and I'm really liking it!  I saw visible results in 30 days; quite impressive if you ask me.  It promotes my alertness and mental sharpness and I still remember all my old tricks to prove it!  
I'm thinking of trying out for America's Got Talent next year with a few of these tricks I've got up my sleeve.  I bet you've never seen a dog bake cookies before, have you?  Yeah, neither have I.  But that would be cool though.  Hey, know what else is cool?  I always remember where I leave my toys.  You know, the ones I like to leave stuffing trails of around the house.  I also still remember how to pick out the toy mom tells me to from my toy box.  I have a vocabulary of about 10 words and I usually understand what mom tells me.  Mom thinks it's kind of creepy I know what she's saying, but it makes things easier around here when I listen!
Oh well, gotta go, that busy poodle schedule is calling.  I still need to get in my daily nap, eat, destroy a toy or two, beg my way into getting a butt rub,  get ready for the dog park, and then get cleaned up all before dinner time!  I really am liking that Purina ProPlan Bright Mind food Mom keeps feeding me. I hope I get some more tonight.  I think I overheard the lady at PetSmart say something about  if you spend $10 on any Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog or Cat Food between 8/31 and 10/4, you can save $10 on your next Purina Pro Plan Dry Food purchase!  That sounds like a good deal if you ask me!

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