10 Ways to Take Time for Yourself

Frozen Mudslide Recipe
Taking time for ourselves often gets put on the back burner, but let's face it, who couldn't use a little me time and relaxation?  Busy schedules make personal time seem like the impossible, but even if we just take a few minutes out of our day to focus on ourselves, life would feel a little less overwhelming at times.

Here are (my favorite) ten ways to take time for yourself, even if you don't think you deserve it (you totally do)!

Try a New Recipe
Wether it be a new drink or meal, try something new!  Working in the kitchen can be more therapeutic than you think, even if you're not the best cook.  I like to take double the me time by trying new drink and fall recipes, followed by my own personal happy hour of sipping and reading all the latest in the fashion world.   I've been on a chocolate kick lately and frozen mudslides never disappoint.  You may want to give this recipe a try!

Frozen Mudslide
1 shot of Kahlua, 1 shot of Baileys, 1 shot of vodka, 1 shot of chocolate syrup,  and 2 cups of ice.  Blend all together, then top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  It is divine!
Coffee and Donuts
Book a Mani/Pedi
This is an easy way to squeeze in at least 30 minutes of relaxation time.  

Go on a Bike Ride
Not only are bike rides enjoyable, you'll be getting in some exercise and change of scenery too.  It's a double win.

Keep a Journal
Daily challenges are always fun.  If you're not sure what to write in your journal, start off by challenging yourself to writing one thing you're grateful for everyday for a year.  It will be nice to look back on as the years pass.
InStyle Magazine Fall Issue
Go to the Gym
For those that love working out, going to the gym is a great excuse to get away!  Nobody will judge you for working out, so take all the time away as you want!

Start a New Project
If your hobby is your way of getting in some relaxation, now is the time to start fresh.  By starting a new project, you'll be motivated to get it done!  That motivation will help you feel less guilty taking a moment away to work on something you love.

Search for Inspiration
Maybe you're curious what the upcoming fall trends are, or maybe you're looking for some inspiration for a new home decor idea.  Whatever it may be, take to your favorite website or magazine to gather some ideas.  Fashion magazines always preview the upcoming trends and it can be fun to take some time to plan a shopping list for even more me time.  I picked up InStyle® magazine  while shopping at Albertsons and have been enjoying some much needed me time while getting lost in all the fall things to love!  Now I feel refreshed and can't wait go shopping for fall! Right now you can take advantage of $1.00 off PEOPLE®, InStyle®, People StyleWatch®, Real Simple®, and Sunset® magazine with this digital offer until 10/18/15 while supplies last!
People Magazine Fall Issue
Take a Bubble Bath
This is one thing you can never go wrong with and will never regret.  Bonus points for enjoying a nice glass of wine while you're at it!

Visit Your Favorite Spot
Most of us have that one favorite place we can always go to gather our thoughts.  Remember this place the next time you need a little escape to regather.  

Have a Girl's Night Out
Or in.  You decide.  But let's be honest, there's really nothing better than sharing some me time with your best friends!

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