Why I Chose a Bright Color Scheme for Our Home

Pink white and gold bedroom decor
My mood is affected by my environment, so that's why when I began decorating our home, I made sure everything I picked would help us #LiveBrighter.  Some may call me crazy for going with an all white bedroom scheme, including white bedding with two dogs, but it's really not as bad as it seems.  

The color patterns you'll see around my home consist of white, grey, soft shades of blue, and tan for the living room, and pink, white, black and gold for the bedroom and office.  Since we're still renting in a townhouse, space is limited.  Anything to make a room bigger and brighter while still getting energy savings is what I'm all about. Here's a peek at how I decorated our home to give it that bigger and brighter feel.
black white and gold bedroom
Bedroom:  First I went with all white furniture.  It's easy to work with since it can match anything, from dark to light colors.  Then I chose a white duvet for the bedding (that somehow stays clean enough with dogs, don't ask me how!) which gives the room an overall dreamy look.  I hung white curtains and then decorated the room with gold and pops of pink accents.  The room is such a bright and happy place that I can feel relaxed in.
pink and gold office gallery wall
Office:  For the office, I kind of played off of the same idea I had going for the bedroom.  White furniture with pops of pink and gold.  My office space is a small loft like room outside of the bedroom that only gets natural light from a small window.  I'm a fan of natural lighting, but since the windows were limited, I did what I could with the decor to brighten it up by incorporating a white desk, white fluffy rug, and bright decor.  The ghost chair also brightens the space up too.  These colors work well for a usually dark lit, small room.
tan and blue living room
Livingroom: For the living room, I tried to go for more of a modern meets Pottery Barn chic look and kept the dark espresso furniture, but brightened up the rest of the room with a light tan couch and accent rug.  Throw pillows of a light shade of grey brightened up the room and made a huge difference compared to our original dark brown throw pillows that came with the couch.  This room is nothing short on natural lighting, but with that comes compromise- it get's very hot as the sun hits the glass around 4pm.  If I could, I would have an all glass house with no curtains, but my air conditioner and energy bill would disagree, so curtains closed is a must during the hottest part of the day.  Sheer, but still thermal-like curtains can help block additional heat while keeping the room still bright with a hint of natural light coming through.  I try to save energy and still keep it bright when I can by following Direct Energy Savings tips.  Texas summers can get hot and costly, but it's easy to track energy usage, earn points, and create my own energy bill that fits our lifestyle with Direct Energy's Direct Your Plan, so it all works out!

Overall, I'm pleased with how our home turned out.  It's definitely a step forward compared to our old black furnished college apartment back in the day!  I'm a fan of the bright color scheme from now on!

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