What to Keep in Your Carry On

What to Keep in Your Carry On
When I'm about to travel for an upcoming trip, I like to be prepared for the worst.  I think of everything that could go wrong and what I would want if I just so happened to be stuck in such a situation.  Think about if your luggage got lost or you got stuck at the airport overnight because of a hurricane or blizzard outside.  Sure, it's not as likely to happen, but it does and if it did happen to me, I wouldn't be happy.  Here are few essentials I always keep in my carry on bag because you just never know.

Makeup:  Even if you apply a full face of makeup before you leave the house, depending on how long you're traveling, you'll probably still look like a zombie by the time you reach your destination, thanks to jet lag.  I like to carry blotting powder to freshen up my face and some lipstick, which at the very least will liven up your face with a bit of color. 

Contacts:  If you wear contacts and would be blind without them, it's a good idea to keep a backup pair in your bag.  If your eyes are also prone to drying out, a trick I've learned is to keep a contact case filled with solution.  This will allow you to dip your dried out contacts without carrying a big bottle of solution that takes up space.  

Sunglasses:  There's nothing worse than being stuck on the plane with the sun beaming through the window on the row next to you, hitting you directly in the face.  There's not much you could do about it unless the person in that seat is nice enough to close the window, but a lot of times they don't even notice the window is affecting other people around them.  

Phone Charger and Earbuds:  This will be your life saver if you did end up stranded in an airport, or even delayed by a few hours.  You can keep yourself connected.  

Hand Sanitizer:  Riding on an airplane is an easy way to catch a cold.  While it may not be as effective as washing your hands, hand sanitizer is better than nothing when you don't want to awkwardly wake the person next to you to climb over them to get to the bathroom.  If you're an essential oil user, it also wouldn't hurt to apply some Thieves to the bottom of your feet.  It's great for boosting your immune system!

En-R-Gee and Stress Away:  You actually can check in and fly with essential oils, just follow the same rules as you would for any other type of liquid to get through security.  Two of my favorites for traveling are En-R-Gee (which gives you energy) and Stress Away (which helps relax you).  I don't go anywhere without my oils.

Planner:  This is especially helpful if you're traveling for business.  The plane ride is a great time to gather your thoughts and map out the rest of your day or week.  I'd be lost without mine!

Just in Case Protection:  You never know when that time of the month may decide to arrive and if you happen to be stuck on the plane without backup, you're basically screwed.  #SavetheUndies with the  U by Kotex┬« CleanWear Ultra Thin Pad.  It's slim enough to carry in your bag for those just in case moments and are packaged cute enough to keep them fairly discreet.  U by Kotex┬« Ultra Thin pads with 3D Capture Core* and Xpress DRI* offer fast absorption to help stop leaks, which may give a visual of tmi, but face it, nobody wants that to happen and it sometimes does.  If you want to give them a try, U by Kotex is giving out free samples.  You'll receive a box of several different products  to see what fits your lifestyle best.  You can get your free samples here! I was actually impressed with the variety they sent!

Other misc items: travel pillow, a light sweater, snacks, books, and a movie. 

What are your carry on essentials?  Have you ever been stranded at the airport and wish you had something with you?

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