Sweet and Salty on the Go Snack Ideas with ZonePerfect

Rarely will you not find some type of on the go snack in my purse.  Whether it be a protein bar, a bag of pretzels, nuts, a nutrition bar, or any other snack food, you'll find it.  This habit started in college while I was stuck in class, starving, wishing I had packed a healthy snack.  Since then, I've always carried something with me.  There a certainly many different snack ideas out there, but these are a few of my favorites that fit in my purse and just so happen to follow a sweet and salty trend and make me #feelgooder.
Sweet and Salty Snack Ideas
ZonePerfect Perfectly Simple Roasted Cashew & Dark Chocolate nutrition bars:  A recent discovery of mine, but a new favorite.  It's the perfect blend of healthy, tasty ingredients for a simple feel good, on the go snack.  The Perfectly Simple bars are gluten free, packed with protein, and low calorie.  When I need something to hold me over, these always fill me up!  They come in a variety of flavors, but my personal favorite is the cashew and dark chocolate protein bar.  At a close tie would be the almond toffee crunch though.  I stocked up on a few boxes of these during my last Target trip since they were $1.00 off.  Love a good deal!  Go here if you'd like the coupon

Sweet Potato Fries:  These are the perfect substitution to those tempting drive through fries.  You can easily find these on many restaurant menus and order as take out, or make them at home.  Sweet potato fries are just as easy to eat on the go as those greasy drive through fries and a lot more healthy for you.  

Cocoa Almonds:  Raw nuts are always a great healthy snack food, but when you're craving something sweet and salty, cocoa almonds are perfect.  Look for the ones made with natural cocoa without added sugars for the perfect hint of chocolate.  A handful of almonds are just enough to hold you over until lunch or dinner time.  

Trail Mix:  Who doesn't love trail mix!?  With so many options to choose from, there's a trail mix combination out there for everyone.  I personally love the variety with trail mix and it's much better than snacking on candy and chips.

Dipped Pretzels:  Pretzels are great to eat alone or for dipping.  A few great combos are peanut butter and pretzels, hazelnut and pretzels, or, if you're really feeling sneaky, go for the cookie butter. That last option is probably not the best for you, but it is divine.

Do you have any favorites snacks you keep in your purse?  Any must haves I should try? 

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