Six Years

engagement in the caribbean
Six years ago today, Chris and I made things official with the establishment of the boyfriend/girlfriend titles and the officially official marker by way of the change of a Facebook relationship status.  Fast forward six years later and here we are, celebrating one of our last "dating" anniversaries as a now engaged couple and planning a wedding!  I'd be lying if I said this is something I would've never seen coming, because truthfully, I'm really not surprised at all when I think of it.  Since the beginning there was this inseparable bond between us, like we had known each other forever, but could never get enough.  Those feelings have never changed over the years and I'm proud to call him not only my future husband, but my best friend.

Tonight we'll be celebrating the past six years, the best six years might I add, of us.  But this time it will be different.  Like all special dates and celebrations, we'll still be reflecting on the past and looking forward to new chapters and more equally great years that await, but this time I'm sure there will be a little more "so what are your top venue and honeymoon choices" conversations popping up at dinner.  Every year that passes is a new adventure for us, but this one will be the biggest, most special one yet.  It will be the year of us, planning every detail that ties our future together; one that we will never forget. 

Happy Six Years, Chris.  I love you!

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