Six Year Anniversary Celebration

red and orange roses
Those that read this post know this past weekend Chris and I celebrated our six year anniversary!  It was a great time, definitely didn't go as planned, but one we'll still never forget.  Our anniversary was Friday, so we had plans for dinner at the Melting Pot.  We were on time with our schedule to make our reservation until we got into a minor fender bender on the way there.  That certainly wasn't fun.
mercedes front bumper
We were about five minutes from our destination when a woman, not paying attention, pulled out of a shopping center, heading towards an intersection right as we were passing.  She hit the front side of our car right as we were passing and unfortunately there was no way to avoid it.  Thankfully it was only a minor accident and nobody was hurt.  Ironically, during the moment we got hit, Chris was actually telling me about a near accident he avoided this morning when somebody almost hit him head on as they drove into his lane.  Craziness.  What sucked about this accident though was the 2 hours we had to wait on scene for an officer to show up.  After calling twice and being told someone would be out there to write a police report of the accident, an officer finally arrived.  He got out of his car, didn't even look at the damage of either of our cars, and told us he can't write a report because apparently that's not what they do in Texas.  Umm, what?  I mean, I get it, it's not his job to say who is at fault, but you can't at least just take a statement from each person to report what happened, even when the lady was taking responsibility?  I wasn't buying it, but what can you do!?  At that point, the accident didn't even matter, we were all just frustrated for waiting around for nothing.  I'm not sure why the police department couldn't just tell me that on the phone in the first place,  but whatev.  So we waited all that time and missed our reservation.
melting pot anniversary dinner
There's still a good ending to this story though!  After the accident mess, we called Melting Pot to see if they could still fit us in and they were able to do so.  When you haven't eaten since early that morning, a dinner at 9:30 p.m. is better than no dinner.  At least the night still went somewhat as planned and the food definitely made up for it and was worth the wait!
melting pot 4 course dinner
Now I'd do about anything to have some more of the fondue chocolate for dessert.  That stuff was divine!

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