Road Trip Tricks and Hacks

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Road Trip Tricks and Hacks
From moving across the country and making a 1,400+ mile drive alone, twice, to currently living over 500 miles from my family, I can say I've had my fair share of road trips.  Road trips of 7 hours+ happen regularly from Texas to Louisiana now, so I've learned a few tricks to ease the process along the way. Here are a few road trip tricks and hacks to make a road trip feel short.

Opt for the Fastest Route, Not the Shortest
If you're not sure where you're going and you're putting all your trust into the GPS, always opt for the fastest route.  Sometimes the GPS will advise you to take an alternate route that is "shorter" (in distance) but in reality it is not.  Those shorter routes are usually slower highways full of traffic lights which will only delay you.  Stick to the main interstates for the actual shortest driving time.
Quaker Popped Mini Rice Snacks
Don't Drive Hungry
Driving while you're distracted will only make you want to quit driving altogether.  Keeping some satisfying snacks on hand will keep your belly satisfied and will you save you time from having to stop to grab food.  Pack a variety of snacks to cover your bases for both sweet and salty cravings.  You may want to keep your snacks on the lighter end so you don't get an upset stomach though.  Snacks like mini rice snacks are always a favorite of mine since they don't leave me feeling too full but hit the sweet spot.

Set a Driving Limit
If you have a long way to go, breaking your trip down into several mini trips will make the drive feel much shorter.  Plan your route realistically based on what you know you can handle.  The longer you force yourself to drive, the more impatient you'll get and the trip will seem like it will never end.
Roadtrip books
Bring a Book or Game
If you're lucky enough to be the passenger, bring a good book or download an addicting game onto your phone, that way you'll have something to kill the time in between your naps.  The trip will go by very fast like that!

Pack a Multi Device Charger
Between the GPS and our phones, something is bound to run out of battery life during the duration of the trip.  Instead of taking turns charging devices and swapping cords like it's a game of musical chairs, find a charger with multiple charging slots so you can keep everything fully charged at once, otherwise your drive will feel much longer without that playlist looping in the background. 
Altoids and Orbit Gum
Pack a Pick Me Up
Along with your snacks, you'll want to pack a pick me up for when you're starting to feel sluggish. Gum and mints are great for keeping you alert.  Keep a few packs of gum in the car; enough to last you the entire trip, and keep chewing to keep those eyes open.  When you get tired of chewing, switch to mints.  The blast of freshness and the smell of mint alone will give you an extra boost of energy.
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