Birthday Weekend Celebrations

Chris's 28th birthday was Friday, so we spent the weekend in full birthday celebration mode.  I'm not quite sure where the time has gone, but it did freak me out a bit to think he's now closer to 30 than 20, and I'm not too far behind him.  But hey, age is just a number right?  As long as we're still allowed to get presents and take advantage of too much food and happy hour, I guess I don't mind it too much!

I spent Friday evening getting lost around Dallas as the GPS took me to a non existent Baskin Robbins to pick up Chris's ice cream cake.  The good news is I eventually found the place and was able to get the cake all while making it home before he did so I could surprise him!  I set everything up just in time before he walked through the door.  For his birthday present, I got him a Drew Brees jersey and now we're just counting down until the official start of football and wondering where the hell the rest of the team went!  Where are the other household names (no offense to Drew- but can we at least get Graham back!?)  After the first round of birthday celebrations, we headed to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Blue Goose, for happy hour and all the queso.  You can never go wrong with margaritas and Mexican!

Saturday we made a mini road trip to Oklahoma to the casino so Chris could test his birthday luck on the black jack table.  Said luck decided to be a no show, but crab legs for dinner made up for the loss!

Sunday we  headed uptown for brunch at Bread Winners.  It's a very popular place in Dallas and the food is so good, so I highly recommend making a visit if you're ever in the area! I stuck with my traditional favorites like eggs, grits, and a waffle, and Chris ordered the french toast.  It was so good and worth the wait!  The wait can be pretty long on weekends, but like I said, very worth it! The restaurant is connected to The Quarter Bar also, which has a New Orleans French Quarter vibe which is right up our alley!

It was a fun weekend and now we're looking forward to the next one!  Friday is our 6 year "dating" anniversary and it's kind of crazy to think this will be our second to last one before we officially tie the knot and have a new one.  How's that work, by the way?  Do you still celebrate that post wedding?  I guess we'll find out! 

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