St. Croix Bucket List

Saturday I'll finally be in St. Croix! Chris and I made a list of things we want to do and see, and that list keeps growing!

Here are a few things on my bucket list.

I've never done this before and this is one of the things I'm most excited about!  I'm hoping to do this more than once.

Visit Buck Island
This place looks gorgeous and I believe is the best place on the island to go snorkeling and diving.

Horseback Riding Along the Beach
I've been wanting to do this ever since I was a kid.  I've been horseback riding one other time in Gatlinburg, but there's something about riding a horse in the Caribbean blue water that's made this idea stay at the top of my bucket list.

Dinner with a View
Chris and I want to have at least one nice, formal dinner oceanside.  Now I just need to figure out the best place to do this at!

Tour the Cruzan Rum Distillery
Because it's 5:00 somewhere, right!?

Visit the Sugar Mills
There are many historic sugar mills along the island that I'd love to learn about.

Another thing I've evener done before! Will I flip it?  Is that even possible?  I hope not.

Hike the Rainforest
I like the idea of getting to see beautiful beaches and natural wildlife all on one island.  I've never done anything like this before, so it's a must!

Feed Beer Drinking Pigs
This is exactly what it sounds like!  They love beer.  I don't blame them.

Visit all Beaches 
Of course no trip to St. Croix would be complete with seeing all the top beaches on the island.  You know where to find me..

For any of you that have been to St. Croix before, or any Caribbean island, I'd love to hear any suggestions for to things to do, see, places to eat, etc! The only comparable place I've been is The Bahamas, but spent most of the trip around the resort since we stayed at The Atlantis.  So, what are your Caribbean vacation must dos?  Did I leave anything out?

PS - You probably won't see me around the blogosphere while I'm gone, but if you want to follow on Instagram and Snapchat (username: thesouthrnthing), I promise the views won't disappoint!

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