Seven Must Have Items That Can Fit in Your Pocket

Must Have Items That Fit in Your Pocket
I've always been a sucker for the travel sized items in stores.  The idea of something small sized, cute, and portable wins me over every time.  Take a peek inside my bag and you'll enter into a hoarder's dream trap filled with just.. stuff.  Stuff I need.  I've always wondered why guys can leave the house with only one item in their pocket and be content while we females lug a bag of crap.  After all, it's just stuff, but we need it.  I haven't figured that one out yet.  Whatever that reason may be, I do know one thing:  we love our stuff and we're always looking for more stuff to hoard in our bags.  Okay, make that two things.
Young Living Stress Away and Joy
I like to think I can survive without my bag of stuff in tow, but the day I leave it all behind will be the day I need it the most.  Since majority of our days are spent away from home, it only makes sense we bring the necessities with us.  Here are a few of my favorite must have items that can fit in your pocket. 
Tampax Pocket Pearl
1.  Portable iPhone Charger - This is one item I use daily.  It's a backup phone charger that saves your life phone when the batter is dead.  Just plug the charger device into your phone and watch everything come back to life!

2.  Young Living Essential Oils - I have too many favorite oils to name, but I will admit I'm a hoarder when it comes to the 5ml bottles.  They're the perfect size to throw in your purse or pocket because you never know when you might need it.  I use mine daily!

3.  Macaroon Mini Box - I found this cute little mini box on and have turned it into a vitamin holder.  I take about 5 different vitamins a day and I don't always remember to take them before I leave the house, so keeping a backup supply comes in handy a few times per week.

4.  Stress relief hand sanitizer and lotion - If I'm heading out to a public event, this is the first thing to get thrown into my bag.  The Bath & Body Works line of Stress Relief products smells amazing, comes in mini sizes, and is a great way to get in your aromatherapy!

5.  Lavender Lip Balm - My favorite natural balm is Young Living's Lavender lip balm.  Not only does it get the job done, it smells amazing.  If you always carry lip balm with you, put this one on your list if you haven't already!

6.  Mini Tissue Packs - I have this fear of public events (like concerts or fairs) and a lack of toilet paper.  You really just never know, so I like to carry this with me just in case!  I may be paranoid, but I'd rather be prepared!

7.  Pocket Pearls - There's nothing worse than it being that time of the month and having to carry ugly tampons around, but Tampax Pocket Pearls that I found at Target don't bother me.  They come in cute packaging and are small enough to be discreet and fit into your pocket but still give full size protection.  It makes it easier and a lot less awkward when it's time to sneak off to handle lady business.

What are your favorite pocket sized items?

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