Chocolate Chia Tapioca

I've always had a sweet tooth and almost never turn down dessert.  You name it, I probably like it. There is one thing that, until recently, I never tried before, and it's tapioca pudding.  Really, I just never knew exactly what it was and always opted for the regular pudding instead.  Then one day I mistakenly grabbed the wrong pack while out grocery shopping, so I was kind of forced to give Kozy Shack® tapioca pudding a try.  Well, good thing that happened because now it's a favorite of mine.  To me, it's a great balance of a sweet snack that's not too sweet.  It doesn't taste like pure sugar like some puddings, and I really like that.  When I'm craving something sweet, I like to throw in a few mix ins and enjoy.   My favorite mix ins are chocolate and chia seeds.
What You Need:
- Chocolate chunks (or chips will do)
- Chia seeds
- Kozy Shack® tapioca pudding

What You Do:
There's really no trick to this.  Just mix it in or top your cup of pudding off!
The chia seeds give it a subtle nutty flavor.  Depending on what mood I'm in, I sometimes like to add in a bit of shaved almond to it as well.  There's a lot of ways you can change it up, but this one never disappoints.  I highly recommend!  The Kozy Shack® pudding is gluten free and is also the only pudding made with real, wholesome ingredients, so depending on the toppings you choose, this can be a much lighter snack option than others.

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What's your favorite way to enjoy pudding?

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