A Few Things and I'm Out of Here

bijoux avenue boho beaded tassel necklace
It's finally Friday and in about ten minutes I'll be running around the house frantically hoping I didn't forget to pack something crucial for St. Croix.  Then I'll be sitting in the car for 7 hours with 1 human and 2 dogs wondering if we're almost there yet.  Then I'll be in Louisiana, so happy that I won't even remember a 7 hour car ride just took place, and then just like that I'll be boarding a flight to the Caribbean.  Whew.  Did you catch all that?

Vacations.  The struggle.

I may have gone a bit overboard shopping for this trip, but you only regret the things you didn't buy, am I right?

I also may have gone over board making jewelry.  Making jewelry for myself that is, like that little blue number in the photo above.  Shameless plug:  this blue boho tassel necklace will be available at Bijoux Avenue soon (unless I continue to keep everything for myself)!  Speaking of which, did you catch my big reveal earlier this week?  There's a surprise at the end that I don't think you'll want to miss!

In other news, Chris and I bought a GoPro and I'm pretty excited to take some photos and videos underwater while we snorkel.  Have y'all seen videos on these?  It's quite impressive!
I'm also pretty excited to use my new bag I picked up at H&M.  This beauty was only $13 and is the perfect summer carry all.  

When I'm not as pressed for time, I'll have to show you some other favorites I picked up for St. Croix. Target and Old Navy had so many cute cover ups, just fyi!

Sorry this was all over the place but that's all I've got, because well.. I still have to pack.  Shit!

See y'all on Instagram and Snapchat (username thesouthrnthing) with an overload of clear blue water beach pictures!

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