Peppermint Lime Refresher Recipe

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Sometimes weekends feel like more work happened than the actual work you were getting paid to do Monday-Friday.  For me, this weekend was one of those.

It was go-go-go in attempt to check everything off my to-do list, and I almost forgot to stop and relax. By Sunday evening, I had enough of the work on the weekend and decided to dedicate the rest of the evening to myself.  As selfish as it may seem, it's totally necessary because nobody wants to start a work week feeling drained on a Monday.  
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I headed to Target to pick up a few magazines and shop their swim section since I'm in desperate need due to Chris and I's upcoming St. Croix trip.  While I was shopping I conveniently remembered to check the shoe section, clothes section, and beauty section.  I somehow came home with more than I had planned, but I'm really not surprised by now.  It's Target, after all.  While I may not need two more pairs of wedges to add my closet, I do know the magazines deserve their spot in my shopping cart.  I always find inspiration in the latest issues, from fashion to fun recipes, so I picked up a couple to read now and a few for the plane ride to St. Croix next month.  
peppermint lime refresher drink recipe
After flipping through a few pages of PEOPLE StyleWatch®, I got inspired to try a new drink recipe and came up with the idea to put a little twist on a lime refresher drink I saw, and added peppermint essential oil to it. I'm always putting essential oils in my water for extra flavor, so why not with this, I thought. After a few trials and errors, the peppermint lime refresher was born.

Peppermint Lime Refresher Recipe
8 oz. lemon lime soda
1 drop peppermint essential oil
1 fresh lime slice
1 shot of lime flavored vodka (optional, but highly recommended)

In a drink mixer, mix the lemon lime soda and shot of vodka. Pour into a chilled glass and add the drop of essential oil. Top with a fresh slice of lime for added refreshment.
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If you're looking for inspiration or your next vacation read, you can save 20% off special edition magazines, PEOPLE®, InStyle®, PEOPLE® StyleWatch, and Us Weekly® by using the Target Cartwheel app until 7/10/15 (while supplies last). I never make a trip to Target without the app and for that, my patience and wallet are thankful!

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