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When I'm on vacation, exploring something new, or attending a fun local event, I like to keep everyone in the loop in real time.  Social media has made it so easy to do so, but we all have those followers that dislike seeing a photo overload on their feed.  I'll admit, I'm one of those people at times, so instead I try to keep my postings somewhat under control.  It's hard when you're seeing so much cool stuff you want to share though!

I've tried messaging all my photos to individual people I want to share with, but that can get time consuming when you're out and about.  It's easier to have one network that allows you to upload multiple things at a time and share publicly or privately with a select group of people.  Since my goal is to not go on a photo dump overload and spare all my followers their feed, my new go to is dripthat.  
dripthat for iPhone
Dripthat is a photo and video sharing  app that allows you to group photos and videos together, creating albums called drips.  You can share publicly or privately as I've mentioned, which is convenient depending on what and how much you want to share.  The app allows you to time when your drips or shared, which can be all at once, within minutes, or even days apart.  It's a great solution when you have those oversharing temptations like I often do when I'm out!  

I began using this app during my last trip when we went to Gulf Shores for my birthday weekend and it was a simple way to share with a group!  I'll definitely be doing this again when we go to St. Croix in July!  If you have an iPhone, you can download Dripthat in the app store and find me by my user name, thesouthernthing!

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