The One Face Toner That Changed My Skin (in a good way)

The one face toner than changed my skin in a good way
Lately I've been trying to be more conscious about the products I use daily and what's in those products, especially skin care products.  Once I researched and learned about the many chemicals found in the face products I use, I quickly became disgusted.  I was using these products in hopes they would do something good, when in fact I think they were the actual root of the problem.  I slowly started to make changes in my beauty routine, beginning with face soap and toner.  Today's post is all about the toner, because it's just that amazing and deserves it's own post.  I really love it and have a feeling you will too.

So what's the one face toner that changed my skin in a good way?

The credit all goes to Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel and I must say I am obsessed.

First of all, it's alcohol free.  Second, it's all natural.  It also has organic aloe vera in it and the combination of the natural ingredients, lack of alcohol, and aloe has my skin looking and feeling the best it's ever been!
Thayer's Rose Petal Witch Hazel
The best way to describe my skin is combination everything- dry and oily.  Always very oily.  My skin is more dry in the winter months, and year round, even when it's at it's oiliest during the peak of summer, there will often be a dry and flaky patch of skin around my chin and nose.  I was never sure why that would happen, especially when it was the middle of July and 100 degrees out, but it did.  I decided to change up my facial routine to see if I would get positive results, and sure enough I did. Every toner I tried gave me the same problems.  My conclusion is that the alcohol along with the other harsh chemicals were the culprit of my dry skin.  My next step is to work on changing my face soap.  I have yet to go completely natural with this one as I fear cutting out face wash geared towards blemishes will give me more breakouts, but I'm working on it!

Previously I would use my toner after I washed my face, then I would have to follow it up with a gel moisturizer specifically for oily skin because of the drying effect of the toner.  But now?  I haven't touched a moisturizer in month's since I've started using the witch hazel as a toner.  I haven't had any dry patches of skin, so there's been no need to moisturize.  The aloe vera in the witch hazel gets the job done on its own!  And the best part of all?  It's the perfect balance for my oily skin.  I no longer have to add extra shine from using moisturizers and I am finally content with my face!  I really think it's safe to assume this is the go to product for all skin types.  I can't imagine it doing any harm to naturally dry skin and it sure does reduce that greasy feeling we all hate!  It's also super cheap (under $10 for a huge bottle and even cheaper when you consider the fact you're getting two in one- toner and moisturizer) and it smells amazing!

Have you ever tired using witch hazel as a toner?

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