The Best Birthday Ever

pineapple beach towel
The extra long birthday/vacation/holiday weekend has sadly come to an end and somehow it feels like it's already been a month since I've been to the beach rather than the day before yesterday.  Funny how that works.  It was a great birthday weekend though, where every minute was fully enjoyed.

We got to Gulf Shores Friday and stayed until Tuesday.  As soon as we arrived on Friday, we didn't waste any time!  We unloaded the car, blended up some pina coladas and headed down to the beach. We stayed until the sun went down and then got ready for dinner, drinks, and live music at the Hangout.  The weekend long seafood diet officially kicked off with an order of boiled shrimp and I was officially in my happy place.  It really doesn't get much better than boiled seafood and the beach!

Saturday I woke up to breakfast in bed made by Chris for my birthday, followed by another full day at the beach to celebrate my mom's birthday as well!  The day was filled with pina coladas, more boiled shrimp and crawfish for lunch, and the ultimate birthday surprise!
Around lunch time, Chris snuck off and I knew exactly what that meant.  He's known for going overboard with any birthday or holiday, so I knew he had something planned.  The rest of us were hanging out on the beach when he called us over to the pool.  When we arrived, he had a huge cake waiting for my mom and I, except it wasn't just any cake, it was a king cake (as in a Mardi Gras birthday king cake!) which was a first for both of us! After we sang happy birthday, he gave me his gift he had been planning for the past two months.  Anyone that knows Chris knows that any type of gift or celebration comes with a poem or rhyme/rap he writes and that's usually how he starts off the presentation.  This year topped it all off and he completely caught me off guard with my gift.  He's known for going overboard, but geez, this year is going to be hard one to top!  I told him I didn't want anything for my birthday this year, so he listened real well and surprised me with a TRIP TO ST. CROIX!!  Everything is booked and we are going in July!  Holy crap y'all I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing.  That was one of the most exciting moments I will remember forever.  His rap he wrote to go along with it was also priceless.  I posted a picture of it below because it's funny and couldn't describe his personality any better!

But for real though.  Forget the trip to St. Croix!  The real highlight of my birthday and the best gift of all was the selfie stick.  

Yep.  That really happened!  And it may or may not have already been put to use.

The rest of the weekend was spent celebrating Memorial Day, enjoying the beach, eating all the seafood we could find, and working on our tans. We lucked out and the rain missed us, but the waves were a serious deal!  It was red flags for most of the weekend and they were so strong they were knocking me down in water that was only knee deep, so we avoided the water for the most part.  We got a little sunburnt but it's all dark and good now!  If this year is going to be anything like how it started, it's going to be one heck of an awesome year.  26, you're looking mighty fine!
Gulf Shores beach
Gulf Shores water
Lilly pulitzer for Target Nosie Posey tote
heart in the sand
Randazzo's king cake birthday cake
birthday poem
boiled crawfish and shrimp
the hangout gulf shores alabama
How was your Memorial Day weekend!?  I hope you enjoyed the long weekend and stayed as dry as possible!

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