Spring Touches Around the Home

I always get the brave idea this time of year to start a garden.  I've never started one before, and better yet, I've never even successfully kept a plant alive for more than a few weeks, but with something reminding me of spring everywhere I look, I can't help but get in the spirit all things flowers and color.  Then I'm reminded by my dead orchid plant sitting in the kitchen and my allergies that I probably shouldn't take that garden idea and run with it.  

Since I'm better off taking my money and planting it in soil,  because let's face it, we all know that's what I'd basically be doing anyway if I attempted a garden, instead I just take the easy way out.  By that I mean I use fake flowers to give me that desired spring feel.  There ain't no shame in my gardening spring decorating game, y'all, so here's a look at my little touches of spring around my home.

If you can't tell by now, I'm a sucker for the floral department of Hobby Lobby.  Placing mini floral arrangements in vases and mason jars has been my go to for decorating according to the season.  They stay alive year round and require no upkeep, so it's a win for me!

I usually keep my house bright year round, but love when it's spring and my style is more fitting.  Of course there's a downside to this pretty colorful season though and that's allergies.  Allergies come on full swing for me, so it's necessary I keep a Kleenex nearby.  I've never been a fan of how the boxes look just laying around the house, so I'd hide them in my bathroom closet.  Eventually that got old and inconvenient, so I decided to give the Kleenex Perfect Fit Tissues a try.  To my surprise, I actually liked how they complimented my decor.  The trendy design and size of the small cylinder tissues were the perfect fit!

My OCD self approves!  If you're like me when it comes down to the struggle between convenience during allergy season and style, this just may be your solution you've been looking for and you can find it at Sam's Club until May 31st!

How do you like to decorate your home for spring?

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