My Birthday Wish List

You can view this post several different ways.  One being as an excuse for me to make a Photoshop collage because I have way more fun doing that than I'd like to admit and two being an excuse to show a ridiculous amount of "stuff" I need want for my birthday on Saturday.  Both are true.  Realistically speaking, I'll probably end up with one off the list, but hey, one's better than none and that's fine by me.
1.  Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker - the cute mint color caught my eye.  I need want one of these every time  I'm at the beach and the group of people next to me decide to blast their 90s country over my little iPhone speaker.

2.  Michael Kors Cindy Dome Crossbody - okay so I may have jumped the gun a bit and already gifted this to myself.  In my defense, it was basally free.  When it's 25% off and you already have a gift card, how can you say no?  Sidenote- if you're on the hunt for a cross body that's small, but large enough to fit a water bottle, and iPhone 6+, and some other random junk, this is the perfect sized bag!

3.  Fitbit Charge HR - I've been wanting to ditch my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor for a while now.  I love it, but the chest strap bothers me too much.  As soon as I saw the Fitbit Charge HR had a heart rate monitor built it, it was added to my list.  If I get anything off of this birthday wishlist, I'm hoping it's this!

4.  Tory Burch Chandler Sandals - I would never pay that much for a pair of sandals, but if someone wants to gift them to me, I'll gladly accept.  How adorable are these!?

5.  Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace - this KS necklace is one of my favorite designs that I could see myself wearing with just about anything.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get one in my next RocksBox (ps- use code southernthingxoxo for a free month!) because I'll definitely be gifting one to myself again!

In other news, I have somebody I think you all should meet!  Her name is Sarah and she blogs over at Coffee & Glitter!  She instantly had me hooked with her DIY tutorials and recipes, but I'll leave it to her to tell you the rest!
Hi The Southern Thing readers! I am Sarah and I blog over at Coffee&Glitter. I have been blogging for three years now but it was only last July that I decided to make my blog public. I started blogging with a teaching blog (Juice Boxes&Glitter) but, as I start new chapters of life, I felt like a general lifestyle blog would be more appropriate! 

Dara has provided me with a few fun questions to help you all get to know me a bit better! 

How would you best describe your blog?
I would say that my blog is a bit of everything. I am a very creative person so I like to use C&G as an outlet of sorts to express various DIY's I am trying, recipes I have conjured up and a showcase for some of my other works. I also enjoy writing about my daily life, beauty tips, travel hacks/recaps and about my pups. In one word, it really is a "lifestyle" blog. 

Why did you start a blog and what is your favorite thing about blogging?
I originally started blogging just to express myself on a different platform. However, I started C&G almost as a marker for a new chapter of my life. I have really been using this past year as a growth year to explore what I truly want to do in life, travel, and focus on me. I feel like C&G has been capturing that. I think that my favorite thing about blogging currently is all of the great girls that I have met through it thanks to various link ups and blog groups such as Jasmine and Jessica's Growing Your Blog Group

If you had to pick a favorite post of yours, which would it be?
My favorite post is actually part of a three part series. It would be My Adoption Story. If you know me or my family, it is no secret that I was adopted as my parents are the sweetest, cutest, whitest little things around and well, I am...on the tanner side of the scale (haha). I am very proud and thankful to have been adopted but before this post went up, it was not something that I talked about a ton-I am not sure why, that is just how it was though. 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Santorini, Greece or Vancouver, Canada. Both are very different but equally as beautiful. I love the architecture of Greece but the melting pot of cultures in Vancouver is hard to resist! 

If you could go on an unlimited shopping spree, where would it be?
Yikes! This is a hard one! I would have to say a site such as Ruelala or Zulilly. It is impossible for me to only pick one store so this way, I have access to all of my weaknesses (Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade) in one "store"! 

Well The Southern Thing readers, thanks for letting me hang out today! Feel free to check out all of my various online homes: Coffee&GlitterBloglovin'InstagramTwitterFacebookYoutube.  Have a great day!

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