Dave Matthews Band 2015 Summer Tour

As soon as I saw the advertisement for the Dave Matthews Band Summer 2015 tour, I was online buying tickets.  DMB is one of my favorite bands and they always put on one hell of a live show.  I've seen them three times now, but can never seem to get enough.  The first time I saw them was at Jazz Fest in New Orleans, then a few years later I saw them at Hangout Fest.  The most recent time was this past Friday in Dallas and they once again did not disappoint!  

All week, the weather forecast was showing rain for Friday night, but it turns out we got lucky and it didn't rain at all and it ended up being the perfect evening.  If you're a fan of Dave Matthews Band but have never seen them live before, do yourself a favor and go!  They're known for their extra long songs and ten minute instrumental jam sessions, which are always my favorite part!  You can see them live many times and you'll most likely never hear two songs performed the same.    They just go with it and that's why they're awesome!

For this show, they performed two sets, playing for a total of three hours!  By the time the second set started, it was dark out and the lighting and effects gave the illusion of a completely different show. They were the opening act and the headliner of the show!

To kick off the evening, Chris and I purchased what I think were our most expensive beers yet, and hung out on the lawn until the show started.  Once the band came on stage, it was an evening full of every instrument you can imagine.  
concert beer prices

Dave Matthews Band at Gexa Energy Pavillion Dallas Texas
Gexa Energy Pavillion Dallas, Texas
Dave Matthews Band 2015 Summer Tour
Dave Matthews Band 2015 Summer Tour
Now I'm just waiting for show #4!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing some shopping and searching one last time for decent crawfish.  We actually hit the jackpot this time and found the real deal, boiled in true NOLA style!  I'm thinking of dedicating a short blog post to the winner of the search because I truly feel bad for anyone that's never had real NOLA style crawfish and are missing out on this hidden gem in Dallas!  Everyone should know about it!

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