10 Things to do With Dad on Father's Day

10 Things to do With Dad on Father's Day
Growing up in a very coastal town, many of my memories involve being on or around water.  Some of my favorite memories date back to when I was a young kid fishing with my PawPaw.  He loved the water and I think his love grew on me.  When my family bought a new boat last year, I was not only excited to have an excuse to be on the water at all times, but to make new memories like the ones I cherish so much from being a child.  Father's Day always reminds me of those memories and how I wish my PawPaw was still here.  It's a special time to bond with your grandfather, father, or both, and I'm sure it's a time they'll forever cherish as well.  I try my best to make every moment count and do something memorable each time with my dad because of this.  Here's a few ideas of what  you can do with your dad or grandpa this Father's Day.
Go to a Sporting Event
Find a local sporting event going on in your city and snag a ticket for you and Dad.  Even if it's not his favorite sport, you can still have fun.  Watching a different sport for the first time is a great way to make a new memory.

Boating and Fishing
Nothing is more peaceful for some dads than boating and catching some fish.  If this is something you don't do often with him, he'll appreciate you taking time to enjoy the day doing what he loves.  If this is something you often do together, this will be a great time to reminisce on old memories on the water you've shared together. 

Build Something
If your dad is the type that's always working on something in the garage, maybe this time you can help. This is a great way to spend time together and you might even learn a thing or two!

Go Water Skiing
Maybe your dad is the more adventurous type.  While it's finally warm enough, you can enjoy a fun day on the water with some skis, tubes, and wakeboards!

Visit a Musuem
Maybe your dad is a history or art buff.  Plan a day visiting some local museums around your city.  This is also a great way to be a tourist in your own city and explore things you may not typically consider doing often! 

Go Shopping
Now I know you're probably thinking this sounds like something your mom would enjoy more, but I'm talking about the type of shopping that dads love.  Boat shopping, lawnmower shopping, tool shopping; that kind of stuff!  Even if you can't make it to the store, you can shop online and talk about all the things on his wish list.  Maybe he wants to find the right boat, or build his dream car, regardless of what it is, he'll be sure to enjoy the extra company.

Practice at the Driving Range
Maybe you can't keep up and actually play a full game of golf with Dad, but anyone can hit a ball!  If your dad is a gold enthusiast, he'll appreciate you putting effort into the game he loves.

Learn About His Childhood
Everyone has a story to tell.  Maybe you'll learn something about your dad you never knew before! This is also great to do with your grandfather if you're fortunate enough to still have him around! Learn all you can about their life before it's too late!

Go Bowling
If you can't get your hands on some tickets to a sporting event, or if nothing is going on that day, you can always go bowling!  You can also make it more fun by competing against each other!

What will you be doing this Father's Day?  If you'll be spending this Father's Day in a coastal town boating as well, you can discover boating from beginner's guides to tips and travel ideas!

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