Let's Say Thank You to Our Military Heroes

My step brother's military graduation yesterday made me appreciate dedication and service even more.  These guys and girls give up so much and are very brave, from training to being over seas.  

There's so much we can do to show our appreciation, along with many things that already happen around town.  To say an extra thank you to our military, many businesses offer special restaurant, retail, hotel, and utility discounts that military personnel can take advantage of.  There are also community groups and service organizations dedicated to providing volunteer work, from building houses and providing assisted living equipment to injured veterans, to lending a helping hand.  

Most military personnel are aware of these common savings that show appreciation, like restaurant discounts, but what they might not know is that they can save on their monthly living expenses as well.  Programs like the Direct Energy Military Portal allow service members to access exclusive savings on their energy bills and offer a rewards program that gives back each time a bill is paid.  

I love the pride and appreciation our country has for our active and retired heroes.  I personally don't think there are enough thank you's in the world to fully show our appreciation, but every little bit counts.  Not all of us may own a business to show our appreciation through offers, but we can still help.  Something as simple as writing a personal, heart felt letter of appreciation could make one person's day.  Why not give it a try?  They've done so much for us, it's the least we can do.  To say thanks, I will be sending five letters of appreciation to military personnel over seas, and I challenge you to join me.  You can write as few or as many as you want.  Let's make someone's day, one letter at a time!

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