Greetings From Louisiana

Louisiana boiled crawfish
Hello from Louisiana! Isn't that view above pretty?  Crawfish and local strawberry beer, aka the key to my heart.  And I could just stare at that platter all day long, but unfortunately that's not going to happen these next few days.  

It turns out Hailey isn't the only one having teeth problems around here because on Thursday I am getting three wisdom teeth removed.  I'm already craving all the food I know I won't be able to eat.  If that's not torture, I'm not sure what is!  I don't know what's worse though, not being able to eat while in Louisiana of all places, or having to get an IV and anesthesia.  I've never had either done before and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't being a big baby about it, but I know I just have to suck it up and do it. After all, if Hailey can do nearly the same thing a few weeks ago, then there's no reason I can't!  I'm just hoping for another quick recovery around here!

In other news, Easter was great and gave me some much needed family fun time.  I've also been enjoying being home, spring and summer shopping with Mom, and eating my daily calorie limit in snoballs with extra condensed milk.  

Other things on my mind:

It's getting hot as hell out.  Louisiana, your humidity is crazy and this is just the beginning.

I miss winter.  Did I say that out loud? (southern versions of winter that is)

Exactly how long do I have to wait to eat solid foods?  

I'm going to go food craving crazy.

I'm having a true case of separation anxiety from my poodle.

If you hear from me on Thursday, I am not responsible for anything that is said. Blame it on the surgery!

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