St. Patty's Celebration, Dallas Style

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I'm prepared with my green on today, now if someone would just bring a green beer my way, all will be right on this Tuesday.  My celebration for all things green took place thus past weekend during the Dallas St. Pats celebration.  Chris and I headed out to Lower Greenville in Dallas (could that name be more fitting!?) to get our green on.  Like most St. Patty's celebrations, our day started super early, and ended early, where 11am felt like 6pm and 6pm felt like 11pm.
We rode the DART (Dallas's rail system) right into the parade route where we were going to meet some friends, and I couldn't help but to feel like I was back in Boston and NYC for a moment.  When we arrived to the parade route, we learned the hard way that Dallas isn't New Orleans and they completely block off the parade route so you can't cross the street to the other side right before the parade starts.  Because we're newbs, we spent the duration of the parade directly across from where our friends were.  Lesson learned on that part.
Dallas St. Patrick's Day Parade
Once the parade started rolling, my friend (also from Louisiana) began wondering where all the cabbage and vegetables were.  It reminded me of my aha moment when I realized things we do in NOLA are just that- things we do in NOLA (if you want to catch a month's worth of food, go to a New Orleans St. Patty's parade- they're actually more fun than Mardi Gras).  At this point it's not even fair to compare parades in New Orleans to others, so I'm going to stop, but I do like to fill y'all in on what we do down in south Louisiana because some people find it to be so strange!  I'm not saying the Dallas parade was bad, it's just different than what we're used to, and different is fine.  Most people come out just for drinking on the streets and being with friends anyway.  I do have to give the Dallas parade krewe credit for throwing beads!  It was still a fun time and something is always better than nothing! I'd also like to know where I can sign up to be part of the parade next year, because the buzz bike was there and I need to cross that one off my bucket list stat.
The Buzz Bike Dallas
After the parade was over, we crossed the street to get where we were supposed to be, and then headed to an after party along the parade route.  After taking advantage of the free beers and shots, we decided it was time to put the tickets we paid for to use.  We arrived at the St. Patrick's Day concert where Josh Abbott Band was headlining.  To be honest, I've heard of them, but couldn't tell you what they sing.  Chris and I aren't really fans of country, so we ended up leaving before they came on.  We got our money's worth playing Bear Pong, enjoying some amazing pizza, and cold beer though, so it was money well spent!
Dallas Observer St. Patrick's Day Concert
The rest of the evening was spent with full bellies and an early bed time.  A St. Patty's well spent!

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