Random Things On My Mind

Today's post is a whole bunch of random, but sometimes that's exactly how I like it.  It's Friday, the weekend is almost here, so let's make this quick.  

One.  There's a never ending struggle between wanting my nails painted and actually wanting to paint them.  This is probably the most put off task for me.  I mean, it's so much work!  I always ending up applying too many coats, they never dry, I smudge them when I think they're finally dried, and then they chip a few hours later.  What's the secret to this?  Because I'm pretty sure I'll never be a routine nail keeper upper.

Two.  Have you seen the new MacBook?  If not, you should go look now, because it's gold and it's everything a gold lover could dream of.  The only problem is that it only has one port on it, and that's a new USB C port that most of us probably aren't even using yet.  ONE port.  Apple, you're drunk!  And that price tag is no bueno.  But gold, y'all.
Three.  My essential oil collection is expanding and it's making my inner hippy heart oh so happy. Chris calls it my VooDoo magic, but he's not a hater.  He's seen these precious oils work when they fixed his back pain he's been dealing with for over a month now!  If you struggle with stress, anxiety, low energy, aches and pain, weight loss, and literally anything, there's definitely an oil for you!  If you're interested in learning more, shoot me a message!  It can be overwhelming for those first getting started,  but I love sharing the beauty of these oils. 

Four.  The big St. Patty's celebration in Dallas is this weekend.  I've heard it's kind of a big deal out here and this girl is missing Mardi Gras right about now.  I'm always down for a good parade and street party, so I can't wait to see how Dallas does it!  Dallas people out there, is the parade fun or do y'all just go to the afterparty?  Any tips are appreciated!  

Five.  I've had the same bottle of wine in my fridge for over a month now and that's basically unacceptable.  That's got to be a record, right?  What's the longest a bottle has lasted at your home?