Getting Started With Essential Oils: How To Use + Save Money Buying Them

Getting started with essential oils: how to use essential oils and how to save money buying essential oils
By now, I'm sure you've heard the word essential oils pop up in conversation.  While they are continuously increasing in popularity, they have actually been around and used for thousands of years and I can tell you, based on use and experience, essential oils are not just a fad that will go away over time. Essential oils are now part of my lifestyle as I have experienced first hand the healing benefits of essential oils.

At first I was skeptical, but then I figured it couldn't hurt to try and boy was I right.  I've never been much of a fan of taking over the counter or prescription medication if I don't have to, so when the alternative of using essential oils was suggested, I couldn't have been more excited to give it a try. Now don't get me wrong, I don't completely rule out over the counter medicine, but if there's a natural alternative, I will take that route first.  I have too many daily aches, pains, so essential oils have been a true game changer for me.  My first experience with essential oils was with peppermint oil.  I purchased peppermint essential oil to use for headaches.  I applied a drop of oil to my temples and began to experience almost immediate relief.  I continued using it for months to see if it would continue to work for me, and it did. Since then, I have researched more into essential oils and have found an oil for just about anything I could think of.

I now use essential oils to help alleviate occasional stress, minor anxiety, muscle pain after exercise, occasional heartburn relief, nausea, bloating, fullness, and to support relaxation, restful sleep, and my immune system. These small little miracles of a bottle, as I like to call them, have changed my life to say the least.

If you're curious in giving essential oils a try, I'm here to help you get started.  It can be overwhelming at first, but the more you research, it all starts to make sense.  The most important thing to understand when getting started is not all essential oils and brands are the same.  When I first started using essential oils, I didn't know much about them.  I figured they were all safe and of quality if they were being sold.  After hours of research, I realized I was wrong.  For many reasons, I have since made the decision that Young Living essential oils is the best option out there, and the only brand I will use and recommend. 


1.  Research.

Before you jump into the world of essential oils, do your research.  There are many brands out there and not all are the same.  Since you are seeking a natural alternative to aide in your health, you will want the best quality oil out there.  The first thing you should look for in an oil is whether or not it is 100% pure oil.  Most oils state 100% pure oil on their labeling, but that doesn't mean much. Some oils are labeled "therapeutic/pure" when in fact, they are not.  These oils are often adulterated oils with other chemical synthetics added.  The point in using essential oils is to have a natural alternative, and using a product with chemicals defeats the entire purpose.  To sum it up, most essential oils you can find in the store are not pure oils of quality.  Everything from the way the plants are harvested, to the distillation process and the constituents of the oil should be taken into consideration when determining the purest, highest quality oil to use.  Poor harvesting and distillation processes can easily damage constituents.  After researching, I realized no other company's processes and standards can match those of Young Living.  Because of this, I recommend Young Living essential oils, due to their high standards, quality, pureness, processes, and effectiveness.

2.  Choose a brand you stand behind.

Understanding the process that goes into making an essential oil is crucial.  Young Living sets the standard for purity and authenticity through their Seed to Seal process by having complete control of their essential oils production from the time the oil is sourced to the time it is sealed in the bottle. This allows Young Living to test each harvest for proper constituents.  If the batch of oil doesn't past the test, it doesn't get bottled.  No other company does this.  Some brands purchase pre distilled oils from large distilleries and often can't tell you when it was harvested or if it even came from a GMO seed or not.  I personally don't want to stand behind such a brand, so Young Living is who I trust.

3.  Decide what you would use essential oils for.

There are many different uses for essential oils.  *Essential oils can be used for dietary, aromatic, or topical purposes for wellness, beauty, balance, and the home.  Decide what you will use your essential oils for and begin researching each individual oil to find your best match.  Essential oils have antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic, antidepressant, antitumoral, antioxidant, antiparasitic, and anesthetic properties, so there really is an oil for everything.  I highly recommend the Essential Oils Pocket Reference as a must have guide for any essential oil user or beginner.  This book breaks it all down for you, explaining the history of oils, chemistry of oils, testing standards, safety protocol, and how to use, dilute, diffuse, and apply.  The book also lists each individual oil and blend with their constituents, medicinal properties, and uses, and has a personal usage directory that lists many health issues and diseases with suggested oils to use and how.  I couldn't recommend it enough!  Once you've done your research, create a list of the oils you want and what they will be used for.

everyday uses for essential oils

4.  Become a wholesale member to purchase and save.

Once you are ready to purchase your own essential oils, you will need to become a member.  You can either become a retail member or a wholesale member.  Both are free to join; however, wholesale is where the savings come into play.  To purchase from Young Living (which I highly recommend) at a discounted rate, you will need to sign up as a wholesale member.  You can sign up here.  Best part of all?  All wholesale members receive 24% off the retail prices!  Yes, you heard that right!  And there is no catch to it!

Why join my team?
Anyone that signs up as a wholesale member using my sponsor ID# 2604348 will be granted access to a growing, private community of over 5,000 members where you can share and hear amazing testimonies, ask questions, and learn from other experienced essential oil users.  My community has played a large part in my essential oil journey and I honestly would be so lost without it.  When I signed up, I almost made the mistake of signing up without a referral (simply because I didn't know awesome oil communities existed), and I am so glad I didn't do that!  The support and valuable information I've received from my team has been so useful; I've learned more than I even knew was possible about essential oils because of this group.  If you want support, insider tips, and resourceful community, this is the way to go.  I'm here to help you get started and answer all your questions so your experience with essential oils is just as great as mine has been.  To welcome you to the community and give you even more uses for your oils, I'm also offering a free essential oil diffuser necklace (handcrafted by yours truly) to anyone that joins as a wholesale member!

I was confused at first when I signed up, and if you are too, perhaps this will help.

Wholesale Member vs Retail Customer:
- Wholesale members receive 24% off retail prices.
- You have the option to become an independent distributor as a wholesale member.
- You have the option to earn commission.
- Selling is NOT required for wholesale members!
- You have NO obligation to distribute the oils as a wholesale member!
- There is no monthly order requirement for wholesale members!
- There is no fee to become a member.
- You simply just enjoy the benefits of wholesale pricing, with the option to make commission or distribute, if you choose to do so!  There are zero commitments!!

I knew I wanted to receive discounts, would be using the oils regularly, and I definitely wanted the Premium Starter Kit, so it just made sense for me to join as a wholesale member.  I didn't want to be required to sell to people and I am not a fan of sales commitment, so it was the perfect fit for me.  If you sign up as a retail customer, you will not be eligible for the discount.

To become a wholesale member, you simply just sign up and purchase a starter kit.  Starter kits are priced as low as $40 and will come equipped with tools to get you started.  You can view the available options here.  When I signed up, I personally chose the Premium Starter Kit, and I highly recommend it.  The Premium Starter Kit came with all of the oils I wanted and the home diffuser I've been lusting over, so I couldn't pass it up.  Plus it's an awesome value, with over $300 worth of stuff for half the price.  Many people start off just wanting one oil, but the more they learn about them, the more the realize they could use more.  The premium starter kit is the best way to really get started with essential oils, as each oil that comes in the kit can actually be used for everyday life, and are some of the most commonly recommend oils to use.  Everyone should have the Everyday Oils Collection as part of their medicine cabinet.

young living essential oils premium starter kit

The Premium Starter Kit includes:
- Everyday Essential Oils Collection: (Ten 5ml bottles of the following essential oils: Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Malaleuca Alternifolia, Peppermint, Joy, Purification, PanAway, Thieves, and Stress Away)
- Home diffuser
- Citrus Fresh 5ml essential oil
- Welcome to Young Living booklet
- Essentials Oil's at a Glance User's Guide
- Distributor Resource Guide
- S.E.E.D. Sharing for Success booklet
- Product Guide
- Product Price List
- AromaGlide roller fitment
- Two (2) Lavender essential oil sample packs
- Two (2) Peppermint essential oil sample packs
- Two (2) Peace & Calming essential oil sample packs
- Two (2) Lemon essential oil sample packs
- Two (2) Thieves essential oil sample packs
- Two Ningxia Red 2-oz. samples
- Sample packet of business cards
- Distributor Agreement

It really is the best value and most useful kit any person interested in oils can get!

5.  Order and save.

Once you sign up to become a wholesale member, you will have access to your online virtual office. From there, you will be able to order any essential oil product you want and your 24% price discount will automatically be reflected in the prices!

Each month there are promotions offering free products with your order! You're not going to want to miss this month's freebies!
Are you an essential oil user or thinking of becoming one!?  If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me and I'd be happy to answer them for you!  To any oil users out there, what's your favorite oil!?

The information, advice, statements, and testimonials made about the essential oils, blends, and products mentioned on this web site have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Any suggestions made on this site are very specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used with oils from another source. Information presented is for learning purposes only.  The information on this site and the products listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor are they intended to replace proper medical help. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any regimen with essential oils or making any changes to a medical routine.  If you are currently on medication, please do not stop. Testimonials are based on individual results and do not constitute a guarantee that you will achieve the same results. What works for one may not work for another.

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