Valentine's Date Ideas

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Valentine's Date Ideas
When it comes to Valentine's dates, I'm sure we can all say we've been to the fancy restaurant dinner and/or movie.  It's a nice getaway, but is it really different than what you'd do on any given weekend or have already done before?  If it's not, then here's a few Valentine's date ideas to help change things up a bit!

Have a Backyard Dinner Date
Recreate your ideal romantic dinner setting in your own backyard!  Don't be afraid to go all out with the decor.  If cooking isn't your thing, then ordering take out it is.  You'll get the restaurant food you love without the crowd all in your own romantic, private setting.

Create an Indoor Campout
Remember those blanket forts you used to love when you were a kid?  Make one!  Collect all the pillows and blankets around the house with your lover and build the comfiest fort you've ever seen.  Have a fire pit outside?  Roast s'mores and enjoy!

Recreate Your First Date
You're first date is something special, it's where it all started.  Recreate your first date and share all the wonderful memories you've had together since then.

Take a Cooking Class
Many places offer cooking classes for couples.  This is a great way to learn how to make something new together while enjoying a nice and different meal.  It gets you both involved and makes for great memories.

Picnic at the Park
A great way to enjoy a nice dinner and some wine is during a sunset picnic at the park.  Pick your favorite nearby view and go right as the sun is setting for an extra romantic scene.

Moving Night at Home
This is a way to have a romantic night without battling the crowds. Share a Valentine's card over dinner with a loved one and then enjoy a movie together!  From 2/2-2/14, when you buy one Hallmark Valentine's card, you get a voucher for a free month of movie streaming on Feeln. This way you can binge watches many movies as you want without getting kicked out the theater!  Feeln offers Hollywood hits, Academy Award winning classics, and films that can be enjoyed by all.  Click here to preview Valentine's movies on Feeln. You can learn more and locate a store near you here.
What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year?

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