Louisiana Ladies in Dallas

This photo couldn't sum up my weekend any better, partly because it describes what I did (drink, then drank some more), but also because it's the only picture I managed to snap all weekend long.  Epic fail on my part as a blogger, but if I'm being honest, it's nice to sometimes forget this place exists and live in the moment that's so full of life and fun that you don't even think twice about documenting it all, so that's what I did.

It all started on Thursday evening when I got a call from a good friend of mine that was in town from New Orleans.  She was in Dallas for the week, so we wanted to take advantage of our time and the fact that our other best friend also lives here, and the three of us would finally be in the same place for more than one night.  We headed to the Katy Trail Ice House for drinks and catching up.  I got to see her for a bit during Mardi Gras, but if you've ever been down for the party you'll know that's not exactly the best time for catching up, because booze and blurry memory just don't go well.  We spent the evening sipping on sangria and some summer beer while sharing all of our latest life stories.  After drinks, we went around the corner for burger happy hour, because I wouldn't be a good friend to not share the amazingness and an order of truffle fries.  

On Friday, the three of us reunited again, along with a few other friends of ours from LSU and headed to the Quarter Bar. Naturally, we fell in love with the place.  They have a love for Mardi Gras and  you can see it through the beads decorated around the place.  They also had Abita Strawberry in stock, which will win any Louisianian over in a heartbeat.  We stayed out way longer than we all anticipated, but that just proves time flies when you're having fun.  The night ended in tacos and any night that ends in tacos is a damn good time in my book.  Bonus points for steak.  Free shots for everyone if there's extra cheese and a side of hot salsa.

Saturday we headed back to the Katy Trail Ice House for one last visit together.  We took advantage of the jumbo $6 sangria, petted about twenty different puppies, and ate Texas sized quesadillas by the fire.  This is one of my favoite places to grab drinks around Dallas!  If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend it!  

Sunday was a much needed lazy day.  Supposedly we're under some sort of winter storm warning, so by the time you're reading this you'll either a) see me Instagram all the omgsnow ice or b) read about my appreciation for a free day thanks to Texas bipolar weather. This past weekend was in the 60s and spent outside, and now they're predicting sleet.

So, will it be a or b?  We shall see.  

Happy Monday!

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