How to Monetize Your Social Media with Cosign App

Do you ever wish all those selfies and outfit of the day posts you share on social media could actually make you money?  I mean, you put so much work into capturing that perfect angle and it's something you're going to do regardless, so you should at least get something out if it, right?!  The good news is now you can!  Anytime you share items you love, like clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, beauty products, home decor, etc., you can get paid!  For shopaholics like myself, this is even better.  You can shop for what you see with a click of a button.  All you need is CoSign to do so.

CoSign is a free app you download which allows you to tag the items you are posting and turn your photo into a shoppable post on social media.  When a viewer makes a purchase through your tag, you get paid, and they get what they love.  It's that simple!
I know what you're thinking- this stuff already exists, but here's the thing:  you can do this on multiple social networks with CoSign, like Facebook and Twitter.  The app allows you to upload your photos, edit, and save them into your collections for easy organization.
how to use cosign appWithin your collections, you can tag up to 13 million products from over 1200 retailers.  Tagging is simple, just drag the green and blue circle over each item, enter the item name into the search box, and then select the matching item.  From the app, you can share your photo on popular social media sites all at once.  

how to use cosign app to make money
If you live in NYC or you're going to be in the area, CoSign is having a launch party on February 11 and all are welcome!  The party is at Studio Arte (265 West 37th St, 17th Floor) and starts at 6 p.m.  RSVP by February 10th to  

If you're ready to get started, download the CoSign app for your iPhone or Android device and let the tagging and rewarding begin!

This post is sponsored by CoSign, but all opinions are my own.

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