Five Things I'll Be Doing Instead of Valentining

Valentine's Day this year just so happens to fall on one of the best days of the year, Endymion day.  For the rest of the world outside of Louisiana, this is the Saturday before Mardi Gras, aka the best day of carnival season if you ask me.  It's when everyone piles into New Orleans for some beads, booze, bands, and even some boobs (if you're into that sorta thing- see Bourbon Street tourists).  

Needless to say, Chris and I won't be celebrating Valentine's day in the traditional way this year.  To be honest, I don't mind it because I'll take a Mardi Gras party over a romantic fancy candlelit dinner anytime.  I guess you get a free pass out when you've been together as long as we have.  Here's five things I'll be doing instead of Valentining this year (is that even a word?)

Finding anything and everything inappropriate
Mardi Gras is kind of like Halloween.  You know how girls take advantage of the slutty, no judgement zone with costumes?  Well Mardi Gras is the time of the year when it's acceptable to throw all class out the window.  If you're not going to flash it, might as well wear it.  #notashamed
Getting a dozen roses pounds of crawfish
Want to win over a Louisianian's heart?  Give them a bag of hot boiled crawfish.  Roses are red, but crawfish are too... just saying.
Making friends with strangers
In New Orleans, everyone is your friend.  If you meet a group of people at Mardi Gras, you'll probably end up hanging out with them the rest of the night.  Or being a tour guide for a random group of Canadians.
Falling in love with another man
Known as Mr. Blue Bell himself.  Sorry, Chris, y'all are a close tie.

Going on a romantic moonlit walk 
Or in other words, exchanging I love you's with Chris as we attempt to make our way down Bourbon St. for the obligatory people watching.

Cant. freaking. wait.  Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

Feel free to follow me through New Orleans if you want!

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