Five Things (And Something Trippy)

One.  Notice the new look around here!?  I'm beyond happy about how clean, organized, and simple everything looks!  I know I mentioned in my blogging goals for the new year that I was planning to switch to WordPress, but too many issues came up with the theme I wanted, so for now that idea is on an indefinite hold.

Two.  On Monday it snowed sleeted.  On Tuesday it stayed cold and everything refroze or never really melted.  Wednesday was just cold.  Thursday it snowed.  And today it's snowing again.  In Dallas.  Who am I to complain though.  It's pretty for a little while and considering Boston has gotten like 99 inches already and that stuff probably won't melt til May, I can handle one week.   It's supposed to stay cold this weekend and I hear wine is a great way to stay warm.  Any sangria recipes worth trying?
Three.  I'm happy to report that my glasses situation mentioned in yesterday's post is seeming to get better! It's still just so weird to me how that's even possible with the same prescription.  Im think I'm going to bring the glasses in this weekend to make sure they put the right lenses in just in case though, cuz ya never know!

Four.  Ed Sheeran tickets go on sale today (Dallas ladies, get you some!) and all I gotta say is I hope Chris is able to get ours before all the third party sites scoop them up or we gonna have some #firstworldproblems.
**Update- they sold out within the first minute and now vendors are selling $70 tickets for $600.. thanks but no thanks.

Five.  If you haven't seen this yet, you must do so now.  It's freaking trippy.  I see blue and black and Chris sees white and gold.  Chris swears it was nothing other than white and gold.  Then he saw the picture with the blue toned light taken out, and now he only sees blue and black in the original picture.  What the hell is this shit!?  I need a legit explanation stat.  Someone explain vision to me because I can't.  Now I've got to know, what colors did you see?!?
**Update- now that I'm looking at the photo hours later, it's white and gold to me. WTF!?

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