Winter Accessories :: Tan Edition + Giveaway

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I've always been a fan of tans.  It's a great neutral color than can be worn year round.  I especially love tan in the winter since it offers a chic and light look away from the traditional dark browns, reds, greens, and black that usually trends this time of the year. When I shop, I try to find items that can give me the most wear.  If I'm looking for a scarf, vest, or coat, it's got to be something that can be worn with just about anything.  If it's a bag or shoes, it needs to be transitional into each season.  It's how I justify splurging (on occasion) and saving.

I'm more likely to splurge on a trendy non neutral piece of clothing than I am with shoes though.  If you give me a pair of tan, black, and brown shoes to go with each season, I'm basically set.  Flats are always a good choice since they can be worn year round, unlike riding boots.  You'll always find two neutral sets of flats in my closet.
I know what you're thinking!  You must think my wardrobe is bland, but I like to call it smart!  When I buy neutral pieces that aren't trendy and will go out of style before the season is over, I get to buy more because I'm not always shopping for new clothes. They last and can easily turn into color with jewelry, so there!  That's my simple solution to getting the most clothes for the money. My favorite accessories this winer are above.  You may have seen me post a few times about that bag, and I must say, the khaki color won!

Did you see those flats up there?  The quilted detail quickly caught my eye!  If you like them, then you're in luck because I've got a nice little giveaway for $250 dollars worth of shoes at Shoe Spa for you!  Now here's the real question.  If you won, would you buy a neutral or get brave and go with color!?
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