Tips to Achieve Your Goals at the Office

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Last year, we had set some goals to be achieved at office.  This year, it’s time to put them in action. 

Write down your goals (on paper)
Yes, there are apps and calendars, but we insist – write them on paper and keep it in your wallet/purse.  Write down your short term and long term goals.  Not all goals are achievable but write them all.  However, rank them in the order of importance.

Announce your arrival
Not literally, but with your enthusiasm and activeness at work. Let your clients and co-workers know that you are no longer in a vacation mood. Work hard to inspire and amuse them (at the same time).

Manage your time
Time management is old school, but we need it. So, manage your time in a way that you can balance the needs of your family and work.  Don’t ‘hmm’ this.  It is important. Have a look at the clock and mentally plan the rest of the day. If needed, buy a diary and mark down important events to be completed in the day.

Manage your energy
You are planning to manage your time, but don’t do it in a way that when you reach home you have no energy left. If you are entering your house with the same enthusiasm you display at the office, you can expect your family members to be happy and make a positive environment for you. A positive environment helps you keep stress at bay and work harder.

Exercise, yoga, meditate
This is a combo that should be in your schedule. Manage in a way you can do it all and work too.  (Here is a cheat for you).  Exercise – in the morning (at home).  Yoga – learn office yoga poses. Do it while taking some time off in the office. (This can be done in less than 10 minutes).  Meditate – while commuting.

Stay away from office gossip and politics
It will corrupt your mind and will add negativity to your life, so stay away from them and be happy.  Happy mind = improved results at work and a happy family.

Reward yourself
If you achieve your daily goals for a month straight, reward yourself with a gift. Don’t worry about the budget. is a site that will help you with matching coupons to help you stay on your budget and at the same time, gift yourself something special.

Audit your job
This is important because you should know that you are not just working hard, but working hard and getting expected results out of it. Without fruitful results, you are not contributing to the company’s progress. Having said that, you are working hard but success is missing. Look for it!

What are you doing to start this year on a high? Feel free to share your views below.

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