Ten Things Girls Can't Resist Instagramming

There are things that should never go on Instagram and then there are things that absolutely, without a doubt, have to be Instagrammed, right now, right this second, because the world needs to see it, because everyone's going to like it... where's my phone!!?! 

 If you're a girl that is.  

Girls have a tendency to subconsciously categorize life happenings and photos of said life happenings into two categories:  those that are Insta worthy and those that are not.  Some things go without question of whether or not they should be 'grammed- you just know they should. It's those specific photos that happen to fall within your Insta worthy category that you just have to post. Let's take a look at ten things girls can't resist Instagramming.
1.  Outfit of the Day
Because when you spend all that time getting ready and the iPhone camera angle is on fleek, the world needs to know. #ootd
2.  Coffee
See also: fancy lattes with hearts in them, Starbucks, Starbs (for the cool kids), and red cups.  No white cups.  Give us all the red, because likes.
3.  Macaroons
Twenty bucks says you can't eat one without documenting such a pricey little piece. #becauseimfancy
4.  Cheat Meals
Since you know, girls are always on a diet, I mean lifestyle change, but look! This proves they're still real humans and all.
5.  Flowers
Because your boyfriend is better than her boyfriend. #helovesmemore
6.  Chips and Salsa (margaritas for extra likes)
Happy hour, le duh! And we're human, remember!?
7.  Wine
Because sitting at home makeupless, braless, and pantless is lame, but wine means party and damnit, we want you to know girls still know how to party after 25.
8.  Pink Things
Pink?  Check.  Pretty?  Check.  Must.  Instagram.  Now. 
9.  Gold Things
#AllGoldEverything or go home.
10.  Pink and Gold Things
The Instagram jackpot, my friends. #givemeallthelikes #holyshit #newrecord

If you're a blogger, you're guilty of all of these.  No exceptions.

And if you're not  following me on Instagram, then are we even really friends? (You totally should, because I like friends)!

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