Sunny and Sixty Nine

Sunny and sixty nine is what my weather channel app officially read this weekend.  If you know anything about me by now, you know that's the formula for the perfect day in my book and calls for drinks, food, and patios.

With the warm sun out, Chris and I set out to spend the weekend outside; a nice little break from what we've been having.  We couldn't help but reminisce what our life what would be like this time last year, or what it'd be like currently if we had not ever left New England, so to get a good laugh we checked the Massachusetts weather before heading out for lunch and drinks on a patio.  Twenty degrees and cloudy is what Mr. Weather Channel told us, and needless to say, I sure don't miss that shit.  Two years of that thing called winter was far enough for me.  After sending a little weather screenshot tease to some friends back in Connecticut, we set off to enjoy the perks of what we call winter down south.

Our first stop was to Dodie's, a favorite cajun restaurant that gives us a little touch of New Orleans home away from home.  This place speaks my love language with their cajun food, hurricanes, and choice of patio or rooftop chilling.  Naturally, I opted for the patio option considering the ratio of dogs nearly outweighed humans.  The perks of living in a dog friendly city!
dodie's reef dallas texasIt should also come at no surprise by now regarding my choice of food, so I present to you: crawfish monica pasta and some fried catfish with hushpuppies.  If you think you're ever going to find salad, baked chicken, and veggies in a weekend recap post around these parts, well, sorry sista.
fried catfish and hush puppies
crawfish monica
necklace sold here
And this is what I get for asking Chris to take my picture.  A surprise in my camera roll when I'm in the process of uploading photos to write this post.  And this is what he gets for taking such a photo on my phone.  Sorry ladies, he's (unfortunately) taken ;)
The next part of operation sunny and sixty nine was to move the patio party from lunch to drinks.  We headed to the Katy Trail Ice House, a huge patio beer garden bar and restaurant right off of the Katy Trail.  We quickly learned that everyone in Uptown Dallas had the same idea and the 50 person deep line proved it, so we went right next door instead.  It was packed, but not as bad.  Whatever got a beer  in my hand the quickest was the winner in my book.
katy trail ice house
stella artois beerTo finish the day off and officially hit the 3,000 calories consumed in one day mark, we made a stop at Sprinkles (the famous cupcake ATM).  I may have a slight obsession with the Captain Crunch ice cream, so of course a double scoop sundae was ordered, topped with a sprinkled vanilla cupcake.  In my defense, Chris and I split it, but I may have eaten more, but splitting sounds better.
sprinkles icecream and cupcake
The rest of the weekend was spent grilling steaks and taking full advantage of our last Sunday of full blown laziness and football watching.  Did y'all see that Green Bay vs Seattle game?  Holy come back.  I kind of can't stand the Sea Hawks though, so I almost couldn't care less about the Super Bowl.  But next year the Saints will be there, I just know it!

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